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Take the Bull by Its Horns

In the early 1700’s, bullfighters in Spain were known to defeat the raging bull by forcing its head down by grasping its horns. This was the ultimate display of facing ones fear by doing the most terrifying thing. Today, most of us no longer fight with four-legged bulls anymore.

We do however, fight with imaginary “bulls” called confidence killers. When we intend to embark on something difficult or complicated the imaginary raging bull will rear its ugly head.

I encourage you to be confident even in the face of these confidence killers because in many cases these imaginary “bulls” are exactly what they are; imaginary 🙂

You can be confident! All you need to do is to rid yourself of the confidence killers. Confidence killers are merely a self-defeating thought pattern. Many of us go through life harboring these self-defeating thought patterns.

See if you’ve got any of these “bulls” in your thoughts:

1. The All or Nothing Shooter

This way of thinking might be one of the reasons why you can’t seem to celebrate the small wins you’ve been achieving in life. Were you one of those kids in school who went home crying when you got one wrong in a test? If you were, you probably fall in this category. You think you are a failure when your performance is not perfect. You can help yourself to increase your confidence if you didn’t spend so much energy trying to be a perfectionist. Stop being so hard on yourself!

Every time I play Fifa 2014 with my 16 year old son on his PlayStation 3, I end up losing. I lose simply because my reflexes are much slower than his. I am more than 3 times his age, by the way. Do I lose my confidence because of this? NO! I keep celebrating, cheering & congratulating myself every time I score a goal. The end result? Nowadays, my greatest loss would be a 2 goal margin. If this doesn’t sound impressive to you, it’s okay. Once upon a time, I used to lose by a 5 goal margin 🙂

I improved my performance simply by celebrating, cheering & congratulating myself for the small successes I achieved. Here’s a motivational talk of mine which emphasizes the same point in a different way.

2. The Gloomy Cloud of Destruction

Watch out! There is a calamity lurking behind every corner. Expect it. The Gloomy Cloud of Destruction may make you imagine depressing things like: ‘I failed my biology test; it is pointless in even thinking about university, now.’

In my first attempt to sell on eBay, I was permanently banned for some “heinous crime” I supposedly committed on eBay. I appealed to them and begged for forgiveness. I explained that this was my first time trading on eBay and I had no idea regarding the violation that I supposedly committed. Did they lift my suspension? No. Did I get depressed? Yes. The Gloomy Cloud of Destruction got the better of me. However, I’ve moved on. I’ve discovered many better ways to make money online rather than waste my time on eBay.

3. Warrior of Negative Magnification

If you entertain to this confidence killer you’ll have a hard time trying to be confident. This naughty fellow has got a warped idea that if its good, it not important or it doesn’t really count. He will take any little negative molehill and magnify it into a mountain.

If you won 8 speech contests but lost in the 9th one, he will harp on that loss and you’ll never appreciate the 8 trophies as your great achievements.

Remember, in any competition / contest, you are competing against yourself to bring out the best in you. As long as you improved in some way or another from the previous competition / contest, you have become a better person. That’s all that matters.

4. The ‘If I feel it, it must be true’ Creature

This creature will shut down all the clear thinking parts of your brain! You may think that your instinct or some divine voice is speaking to you. While that may be true, the Divine also gave us a left brain to think logically. Sometimes, your feelings may not necessarily match up with the reality. We all have days when we don’t feel our best or perform at our best.

I don’t have a hard and fast rule in this instance because sometimes, I would also like to think that the Divine is speaking to me 🙂 Therefore all I can say is trust yourself and make a good decision. Once the decision is made, take responsibility for it. Don’t blindly accept all emotions as the truth. Be confident enough to consider that tomorrow you may feel differently about the matter.

5. The Creepy Should

Fusspots are very good at “should” statements. “Should” statements are more about what you think other people expect from you than what you really desire. Were you born in this world to live up to the expectations of others? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Should statements can be along these lines: “Everyone should get married before the age of 35”. The person then thinks ‘Oh dear. I’m 36 and I don’t seem to have a steady partner! There must be something really wrong with me. I must be gay / lesbian.’

The way I look at it, there is nothing really wrong or right about being the way you are. Perhaps you are in the wrong environment and therefore you are looked upon as weird. Your responsibility is to move to the “right” environment where you will be accepted by like-minded people.

When you feel accepted by like-minded people, you will gain self-confidence.

6. Slanderous Labeller

Let’s chuck this fellow in prison and throw away the keys. You understand the thought. It’s the one that we use to blame things on something. ‘I am a loser. I was born this way.’

In my years of experience as a Speech Evaluator, I have trained myself to first listen to the words spoken, then listen to the words unspoken. The Slanderous Labeller has got the tendency to use subtle self-disempowering phrases such as, “I am trying to do..”, “I hope to achieve..”, etc. While these phrases seem innocent at the outset, the unspoken emotions beneath these phrases have the tendency to convey struggle, low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence.

Well, if you are going to think labels, you might as well label yourself a confident person. Instead of “I am trying..”, say “I am doing..”. Instead of “I hope to achieve..”, say “I am moving towards my goal..”.

Do also watch this useful video on self-disempowering words. I chanced upon this video while researching for material to write this article. Hope it helps 🙂

7. Praise Constrictor

Just like a boa constrictor, this slimy guy just can’t seem to let you receive a compliment. Remember, you deserve to be praised. Therefore, if someone tells you that you look elegant in that dress, accept it wholeheartedly. Your willingness to accept praise is closely related to how much you love and respect yourself. If your self-esteem is healthy, you will have no problems in accepting a sincere compliment.

By now, you have probably recognized one or more of these villains which have been impeding your confidence. You will also realize that many of these villains were a result of your childhood upbringing. Instead of feeling bitter towards your parents, I would suggest that you use the tips suggested in this article to cancel these confidence-killing thoughts.

Do also take a close look at how you are treating your children. Are you inadvertently passing on some of your villains to them? If you are, forgive yourself and make a conscious effort to change today. “If the mountain streams are polluted, then the lakes and the rivers will also be polluted” – Confucius

I wish you well.

Presenting Without Slides

These days, many presentations are made with the help of PowerPoint or Prezi slides. There are also teachers and lecturers who use these applications to spice up their presentations. Depending on the nature of the presentation, not having slides can be quite boring. This is because the presentation will become monotonous, with no visual aids to help clarify the presenter’s points. Slides usually provide a fresh outlook for the audience and will also give the crowd some visual explanations to the points that are being told.

However, in certain circumstances, you simply can’t use slides due to technical or logistical constraints. Your laptop may have broken down or a projector is unavailable. You may be presenting your talk in a restaurant over dinner where it’s simply not practical to conduct a PowerPoint presentation.

  • How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation (for Keynote or Powerpoint)
    YouTube Video
    How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation (for Keynote or Powerpoint)
As such, if you decide not to use slides, it is very important that you use some creativity to enhance your presentation. This creativity will keep your audience interested and focused on the presentation. The primary consideration that has to be remembered to give a good presentation without slides is to know precisely what you are going to talk about. If you are well versed with the subject you intend to talk about, you should be able to present it without slides.

Hmm..easier said than done, eh? In all fairness to the usage of slides, it does make your job of explaining complex matters in an easy way. Slides will help you to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time too. If you choose not to use slides, then you’ll have to keep your presentations short and simple.

Without slides, you will most likely need to rely on picture painting words, flip charts, props and probably a whiteboard too. These alternative ‘tools’ will help give clarity to your audience. It does not matter if your props are large, small, funny or serious, as long as it relates to the point that you are trying to make and that the audience see it!

Ensure that you see, hear and feel (in your mind) what exactly it is that you want your audience to also see, hear and feel. Your vocal tonality will also help to enhance your presentations in the absence of slides. One good way of presenting without the help of slides is to tell a story, or an anecdote that has universal appeal. When telling stories, you will be able to utilize vocal variety, vivid imagery and other types of visual aids to engage the audience

Practice, practice, practise. Rehearse your speech as often as possible. I generally rehearse a five minute speech for one hour in order to get it right. Your rehearsals will make you look polished and will serve as a confidence booster while speaking. Only practice can make you a successful speaker, and this is one task that cannot be delegated to anyone else.

Remember that when you are not using slides, you are the visual aid of the presentation. Your audience will gain more interest in what you say, instead of your visuals, fancy slides or overheads. So basically, without PowerPoint or Prezi, it is important that you be more confident and well versed in your speech. Always remember that you are the master and your slides (if you choose to use them) are your slaves. You must be able to perform equally well with or without your slides because YOU ARE THE MASTER!

I wish you the very best in your next presentation. Good luck 🙂

Engaging Customers with A Brand Corporate Video

Video generation is the new showcasing unrest. Today, it is accepted hugely by more than 80% of the audience. So if you think that the general population spending huge spending plans on a 5-minute video, are fools, at that point you have to reexamine the thoughts. Spending these huge spending plans on a little film/video encourages these associations to get colossal ROIs for themselves. Having a corporate video for your image, in todays date, has turned into a need for any association paying little mind to its size, classification or business. Here are the reasons why your customers connect more to your brands videos:

People want to see good motion content

To support your vitality, many associations say that video gives incredible rate of return. Online video modifying gadgets are continually upgrading and winding up to become more moderate. Moreover, even your phone can improve completely than normal accounts starting at now. Hence, in regard to this, latest research shows that customers are generally put off if a product video doesn’t have a good content. Low quality and poor arrangement didn’t have any kind of effect to such an extent. So any sensible individual would concur that video takes after pizza – when it’s dreadful, it’s still very extraordinary!

Videos are a catch even for the laziest of the audience

Video displaying can get a more extensive group, and it tackles various levels. In reality, even the laziest ones. Guarantee you target not solely to the eyes yet notwithstanding the ears of the potential client. Your high ground gets twofold power!

Video is an unprecedented instrument for adjusting, and yet it’s super easy to exhaust. The present life is unreasonably gotten up to speed with, making it difficult to have adequate vitality to scrutinize long thing portrayals or dig significant into organizations. The forefront customer needs to see the thing, in actuality. Video tendency is a champion among the most crucial central purposes of using video in your substance promoting.

People trust videos more than anything else

Trust is the foundation of changes and arrangements. Regardless, building trust should be a target isolated. The whole thought of substance exhibiting relies upon trust and making whole deal associations.
There are a couple of things that the audience just acknowledges in the wake of seeing them direct, and with numerous associations passing on a comparable message, it is hard to fathom which one you can trust. Regardless, a much-arranged corporate video with a strong message serves to genuinely connect with an expected intrigue gathering and make trust.

It stays in their minds for longer duration

Having a corporate video for your items and brands prompts better data about them pursued by virality and deals. Having a corporate video from a reputed film production house may even lead particularly to bargains. Studies show that 74% of customers who saw an explainer-video around a thing therefore gotten it.

Additionally, as per a hypothesis, most information transmitted to our brain is visual. At the point when a decent still picture can remain in your brains for quite a while, imagine what moving pictures can do to your business.

Believe it or not, people love movies

Movies empower you to grow the time spent by a guest on your site. Thusly, longer presentation amasses trust and banners web files that your page has extraordinary substance. Reports show that this builds your odds by multiple times more likely seem first on a web index in case you have a video introduced on your website. Since Google directly guarantees YouTube, there has been a critical augmentation in how much accounts impact your web seek instrument rank. Recordings give your potential customers the best way to deal with split manages your organization.

People have become advanced and handy with the technology

Today advanced mobile phones customers are twice as likely than the first T.V group of onlookers at home. They are 1.4 occasions more likely to a sentiment of individual relationship with brands that demonstrate video substance or notices on their contraptions.

Along these lines, recordings and advanced cells go as an indistinguishable unit. 90% of buyers watch accounts on their advanced mobile phones. YouTube reports adaptable video usage rises 100% reliably. Since people get a kick out of the opportunity to watch chronicles in a rush, and the amount of mobile phone customers is building up, your video gathering of spectators keeps getting more prominent and more noteworthy.

Video does everything. Video content is likely going to interface with the client and assemble associations. In addition, when we talk about top-notch people in the gathering of spectators, YouTubers have transformed into the most extraordinary electronic life figure to propel your picture. Along these lines, if you are completely serious about substance exhibiting, you ought to be dead serious about video, also.

How to Convert JPG File to a Word Format

Most people who do computer work on a regular basis, often become annoyed when they have to type and edit the text from an image file. They spend a lot of time to execute this tedious work because a scanned image cannot be edited in any way. End users have to manually correct the multiple files. But thanks to the advanced technology, it has made the difficult work easier. Technology is no longer expensive. It is an investment made to help businesses flourish. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) a software tool that is capable to digitize scanned documents into a text searchable format. The use of this technology is increasing as the scanned documents can easily be viewed and shared through the electronic mediums. The Soft Solutions company designed the software JPG to Word Converter which helps to copy and edit the text efficiently. It is also very simple to use:jpeg_to_word_converter

  1. After downloading the software, you have to install it.
  2. Once the installation is done, it will automatically lead to you the software homepage.
  3. Now, choose the file you require to convert.
  4. Choose the output format “Word (Doc)”.
  5. Select the preferred language and check the “Auto Skew” and “Auto Rotate” boxes to precise the rotation and skew of the JPG file.
  6. Click the “Save” button and wait for your JPG to Word conversion to complete.

There are some benefits of this software, you must know:

  • JPG to Word Converter recognizes the text of more than 40 languages. Some of the languages supported include UK & US English, French, German, Catalan, and Greek among others.
  • It secures your file by providing you the password protection and watermark protection.
  • It preserves your file layout and graphics in the original format.
  • It automatically corrects skew, orientation, rotation, and tilt of the image file.
  • It can convert the black and white image file into the colored one.
  • It supports to digitize the various image files altogether.
  • The JPG to Word Converter supports all image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF as well as all document file formats.



JPG to Word Converter is lucrative for people who have the everyday task of converting image files. It enables to convert your document into any format like DOC, PDF and HTML. You get lots of features on one platform. Also, it makes your work faultless. Hence, I recommend end users to choose this software to do the work of converting the file effectively.

  • [SOLVED]- Convert a Photo to Text for FREE - OCR - Learn how to convert a jpg into text
    YouTube Video
    [SOLVED]- Convert a Photo to Text for FREE - OCR - Learn how to convert a jpg into text

About the Author:

This guest blog is written by Ankit Nagpal, he is a software developer and a writer. He is an expert in the domains of scanning, printing, file formats, image editing, file conversions & document security. He is the owner of the software company “Soft Solutions” that develops software in those domains.
For more details, follow this YouTube link:

5 Easy To Use Tools For Creating Structured Data Markup

Do you want to use structured data markup for your website? It seems no more difficult with structured data markup generators. Schema markup or structured data markup generating tools consists of different properties to create scalable Schema markup codes. They are easy to use and comprehensive.

What is Schema markup?

If you are a newbie, then you need to know what schema markup is and why we are using it on the website? Schema markup is the code that ought to be put on your site to help web indexes get the essential data for their users. Schema markup is known as the language that crawlers comprehend to index the context of the content available on any website page.

Types of Schema Markup Codes

There are three types of Schema markup code.

  • Microdata
  • RDFa

Google recommends using the JSON-LD schema markup code whenever possible.

Schema markup examples in Search gallery

There are some enhancements and content types given in search gallery. You can check them here:

There are six types of enhancement schema markup:

  1. Breadcrumb
  2. Corporate Contact
  3. Carousel
  4. Logo
  5. Sitelinks Search Box
  6. Social Profile

And sixteen types of content schema markup:

  1. Article
  2. Book
  3. Course
  4. Dataset
  5. Events
  6. Fact Check
  7. Job Posting
  8. Local Businesses
  9. Music
  10. Occupation
  11. Podcast
  12. Products
  13. Recipes
  14. Reviews
  15. TV & Movie
  16. Videos

You can choose any of the markup examples as per your needs, and after that, you can modify the code in the structure data markup tool.

  • How To SEO: Schema Tutorial - Sitelinks Searchbox, Corporate Contacts, Logo, Social Profile
    YouTube Video
    How To SEO: Schema Tutorial - Sitelinks Searchbox, Corporate Contacts, Logo, Social Profile
Various SEO-related sites have created free schema markup generators that do the diligent work for you. You need to enter the correct data, after that it generates the relating schema markup code for your site.

You can easily create Structured Data Markup codes as per your requirements by using these tools.

Here we listed top 5 easy to use tools for creating structured data markup:

  • Schema Markup Generator: By using this tool, you can easily create JSON-LD & Microdata markups schema markup code according to your needs. It offers ten different kinds of schema markup codes. You need to choose the appropriate markup from the drop-down list as per your requirements and then need to fill the data in the fields appeared right after selecting the type of schema markup.
  • org GeneratorWhen it comes to creating the local business schema markups, Generator is one of the best tools available on the web.

It has a sidebar on the left which you can use to create the local business schema markup as per your business category.

  • JSON-LD Schema Generator: One of the simplest ways to create JSON-LD Schema markup is utilizing JSON-LD Schema Generator. With this tool, you can rapidly produce the right JSON-LD for any page on your website.
  • org JSON-LD Generator: This tool offers many classes for creating JSON-LD code accordingly. You can generate the schema markup code for broad and specific business categories.
  • JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator: This generator can be utilized to create structured data markup as JSON-LD that can be added into the head or footer of your website to enhance visibility to the web crawlers. It uses markup, and the generated code can be tested on Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

These five marvelous schema markup generators will enable you to add the vital organized information to your website. Remember the most important advice: testing your code. Attempt these free schema markup analyzers to ensure your data’s ready.

Schema markup is an advanced level SEO method. It causes internet searcher crawlers to give rich data to the user even before they visit the site. It helps in enhancing the CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversion rate.

By utilizing the schema markup on your webpage, you are going to emerge among your competitors and drive relevant traffic to your site. If you have any inquiry concerning the Schema Markup and the execution of your nearby business marketing, don’t hesitate to connect with any good digital marketing agency and they can recommend you the best solution according to your needs.