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5 Marketing Apps for Aggressive Campaigns

Applications are all around nowadays, they are all over Android, Apple, desktops, laptops and indeed, even in your marketing and promoting programme! What’s more, the usefulness of these applications is perpetually extending, which is uplifting news for advertisers, on the grounds that it implies you can now download an application that accomplishes more than simply downloading messengers and games. The truth is out -now there are applications out there that make an advertiser’s life less demanding, and even improve them at their employments. As an advertiser and fanatic of researching new applications, I needed to impart to you the applications that make advertisers more fruitful at, marketing and promoting their products.

For that purpose, we have listed a few applications that you can utilize for your marketing campaigns:


This application gives an online networking dashboard that helps advertisers post, screen, and measure their online networking tools for social media. It permits you to pre-schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ whenever you want, and provide insights. All the data they provide in a simple click are crucial for advertisers to have the capacity to report and make sense of how to expand their traffic and convert them. E-commerce companies like FlipKart can use these for their FlipKart mobile application and profit great amount from it and probably they use this as well.


Now you can edit or upgrae your documents on Google docs with GoDocs. This is not an authority Google application, but rather despite everything it meets expectations truly well to get to your Google Docs. It sorts your reports by the last one that was altered and permits you to see the whole record. In case you’re taking a shot at a spreadsheet with different tabs, it incorporates the greater part of the tabs too.


Evernote is an approach to maintain your notes while you’re travelling. However, there a desktop application, as well as a versatile mobile application as well. So, when you open either gadget, it will adjust and redesign your notes so that you generally have entry to your most recent data. The capacity to always have a virtual scratch pad like this is very crucial for marketing campaigns.


This application gives clients the capacity to allot other colleagues assignments on their rundown, and give due dates and need names to undertakings on your rundown. You can likewise have agendas inside of individual undertakings and keep tabs on your development on finishing those errands. You can find it both as a site application and an Android application. So when you are leaving work and need to realize what despite everything you have to finish, you can simply snatch your phone, and doodle the application.

  • Aggressive marketing improves Malaysia Airlines' market share
    YouTube Video
    Aggressive marketing improves Malaysia Airlines' market share


This is a phenomenal device for document sharing; it’s so straightforward! It turns into an organizer and virtual hard drive where you can transfer data and offer them with others on your group. Likewise, there is an option to download the Dropbox applications on your cell phone and iPad so you can have those records on the go. Yet, the best part about Dropbox is that you can keep documents that are too vast to send by means of email, and quickly offer access to different colleagues. This application can likewise be utilized on any gadget.


Several online shopping sites in India use these applications for their marketing purposes and if you are a marketer or an owner of a company that is looking forward to better insights and aggressive marketing, advertising and promotional controls then these tools will definitely be of great use to you. What makes a great marketer is his lead generation ideas which can come to you at any point of time. Whether you are in the restroom or travelling in metro so its better to be prepared and these tools always manage to serve this ultimate purpose.

3 Secret Oratorical Techniques Used by Obama and Soekarno Part 2 of 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1 which was published last week. We analysed the first secret to becoming a great orator. Now, lets dive into the other two techniques used by Obama and Soekarno.

Repetition of Words

The second secret is repetition. Mechanical repetition of words is deliberately done by Obama and Soerkarno to give emphasis and reminders to the audience. This technique will reinforce the message and in turn becomes an effective message delivery technique.


We want our children to live in an America that is not burdened by debt, that is not weakened up by inequality, that is not threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.

(Paragraph 18 Obama Victory Speech 7 November 2012)


Ditengah-tengah (amidst) nyalanya api, ditengah-tengah (amidst) menggeledeknya meriam, ditengah-tengah (amidst) menghebatnya kekacauan, kita harus menjalankan, memperlengkapi, menyempurnakan pemerintahan kita.

(Paragraph 18 Independence Speech Soekarno August 17, 1946: Sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka)

You see how the two men are very skilled in the repetition of words. Conventional writing wisdom would require us to remove the “that is not” and “ditengah-tengah” in order to shorten the sentence and get to the point quickly. However. these great orators chose to deliberately repeat these words in order to drive home a message.

Using Body Language and Vocal Variety

The third secret is using appropriate body language and vocal variety.

Obama and Soerkarno understood the importance of the word intonation. They sometimes used fiery vocals for uplifting, and at other times spoke rather slowly with appropriate pauses to give a more profound effect to the audience.

Both these leaders’ body language in speech was just as good. They waved and pointed toward the audience, sincerely smiled, raised their hands in the air, stood upright with a sharp stare, and sometimes portrayed the facial expression of a soft hearted leader.


The expertise of Obama and Sukarno did not just happen. The two had mastered the techniques of great orators. Their expertise is not something that is gifted, but something that is learned and practiced continuously. You also can train and perform the technique.

You and I may not have the ambition to be the President of a country. However, these techniques may provide a lesson for us all. We may be required to speak in public one day. The use of emotionally charged words, repetition, as well as appropriate body language and intonation will certainly make us good motivational speakers or assume leadership roles.

3 Secret Oratorical Techniques Used by Obama and Soekarno Part 1 of 2

In an article in Forbes, Carmine Gallo a communications coach, stated that US President Barack Obama has been consistent in implementing three main oratorical techniques in his rhetoric. I was very interested to read the article and tried to compare it with one of the rhetorical styles of former Indonesian President, Sukarno. Interestingly, Sukarno also used the same three secret techniques.

In this part, we will learn together what these techniques are. Part 2 will be coming next week.

Using Emotionally Charged Language

The first secret is to use words that are charged with emotion. These emotionally charged words need to be neatly “stacked” one after another to create close emotional connections. As one word “builds” onto another, the audience becomes more and more emotional listening to it. Such a technique is extremely effective in piercing into the minds of the audience and making them “move into action.” The “stacking” also helps to create a smooth transition from one point to another.


Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward.

It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.

(Paragraph 1 & 2 Victory Speech Obama 7 November 2012)


Saya terharu sekali (I’m touched) , bahwa kita pada hari ini dapat merayakan hari ulang tahun Republik kita yang pertama. Saya ingat kepada Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa (I acknowledge the Almighty God), mengucapkan syukur alhamdulillah (I give thanks to Him), sebab usia Republik kita yang satu tahun itu, tak lain tak bukan ialah berkat dan rahmat Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa (it is none other than the blessings and grace of God Almighty).

Dan proklamasi kita itu menderu di udara (roaring in the air), sebagai arus listrik yang mengetarkan jiwa bangsa kita! (as an electric current vibrating the soul of our nation!) Seluruh rakyat kita, seluruh bangsa kita, menyambut proklamasi kita itu sebagai penebusan janji pusaka yang lama (welcome the proclamation of our heritage as a long awaited promise of redemption), sebagai aba-aba yang mengeledek untuk memulai kehidupan yang baru (as a sign that signifies the start of a new life).

(Paragraphs 2 and 5 Independence Speech Soekarno August 17, 1946: Sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka)
The choice of words is emotionally appealing. It serves to uplift the human spirit. Just reading this text would have brought shivers down your spine. Not shivers of fear but shivers of hope. Such words uttered in the right atmosphere will make your audience feel that they can do anything. It will make them feel unstoppable.

Look out for Part 2 of this article next week and I’ll share the other 2 techniques…

How to Choose Business Brokers?

Whether you are trying to sell or buy a business. Having business brokers in Melbourne on with you can help a lot. However, not every business would be appropriate for your particular situation. You may employ the below mentioned tips for selecting the right person for suiting your needs.

Begin with asking your references from your circle of colleagues and advisors. Check if someone has ever employed any agent in the past. Check if they are satisfied and if the agent has handled this kind of transaction you have got in your mind.

You might have to widen your search for finding the pool of professional and qualified agents which specialise in the brokering deals like yours. Once you’ve got several business brokers in Melbourne, it is time for getting down to the business and narrowing down the field.

Important points to be kept in mind

Below are some of the key factors to be kept in mind:

Whether the individual or the firm is professional enough? Professionalism becomes prominent in various ways which include personal appearance, presentation of the marketing material, language, website expertise and mannerisms. Employ both the objectivity and your instinct. Remember that the agent you pick would represent your business firm so ensure that you are comfortable with him and the company you choose.

Whether the broker has the experience of working with the business you have. While it is not important for the agent to have particular experience in your niche, it is quite helpful for agent to understand nature of the business and possesses the experience of brokering deals with same characteristics.

For instance, if you are into a family owned microbrewery, the agent with a successful record for the small wineries, family owned speciality manufacturers of food or the small brew pubs might not know about the fine points of the beers but may not be a good choice owing to the experience with the similar companies.

You need to check the qualifications of the business brokers in Melbourne. Check their license, education, experience, certification and membership in the professional collaboration.

Check if the agent is prepared well. If said in other words, check if the agent has done his research properly before initial meeting. The brokers employ comparable sales, reports of the industry and business and other such tools to businesses. Your agent should have the potential of supporting any of the suggested list prices, which need to be presented in written documents.

In case you’re selling you’rethinking to “sell my business”, find out the way the agent intends to promote your business. The agents have a lot of tools of marketing which are available for marketing their listings of business. However, some people also prefer using a particular technique of marketing. Just ensure that you ask the agent for presenting a detailed plan of marketing.

See what kind of businesses the agent has worked with. For instance, if your company has annual revenue in 50 million dollars range, you would needspecial types of buyer making it significant to select an agent capable of alluring the high net individuals as well as investors.

Look for references. Irrespective of the professionalism, experience, personable, prepared potential and qualified the business brokers appear, cover your basis by looking for references in Melbourne. Ideally, the agent needs to offer you references from the businesses having features like yours.


You need to check the qualifications as well as experience of the business brokers. The agent you choose should have the requisite experience as well as knowledge.