5 Marketing Apps for Aggressive Campaigns

Applications are all around nowadays, they are all over Android, Apple, desktops, laptops and indeed, even in your marketing and promoting programme! What’s more, the usefulness of these applications is perpetually extending, which is uplifting news for advertisers, on the grounds that it implies you can now download an application that accomplishes more than simply downloading messengers and games. The truth is out -now there are applications out there that make an advertiser’s life less demanding, and even improve them at their employments. As an advertiser and fanatic of researching Continue Reading →

3 Secret Oratorical Techniques Used by Obama and Soekarno Part 2 of 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1 which was published last week. We analysed the first secret to becoming a great orator. Now, lets dive into the other two techniques used by Obama and Soekarno. Repetition of Words The second secret is repetition. Mechanical repetition of words is deliberately done by Obama and Soerkarno to give emphasis and reminders to the audience. This technique will reinforce the message and in turn becomes an effective message delivery technique. Obama: We want our children to live in an America that is Continue Reading →

3 Secret Oratorical Techniques Used by Obama and Soekarno Part 1 of 2

In an article in Forbes, Carmine Gallo a communications coach, stated that US President Barack Obama has been consistent in implementing three main oratorical techniques in his rhetoric. I was very interested to read the article and tried to compare it with one of the rhetorical styles of former Indonesian President, Sukarno. Interestingly, Sukarno also used the same three secret techniques. In this part, we will learn together what these techniques are. Part 2 will be coming next week. Using Emotionally Charged Language The first secret is to use words Continue Reading →

How to Choose Business Brokers?

Whether you are trying to sell or buy a business. Having business brokers in Melbourne on with you can help a lot. However, not every business would be appropriate for your particular situation. You may employ the below mentioned tips for selecting the right person for suiting your needs. Begin with asking your references from your circle of colleagues and advisors. Check if someone has ever employed any agent in the past. Check if they are satisfied and if the agent has handled this kind of transaction you have got Continue Reading →