The Importance of Good Presentation Skills

The saying that “you cannot NOT communicate” is extremely true. We are communicating at every instant in time whether we are aware and cognizant of it or not. We are presenting ourselves to people at every occasion, every moment and every circumstance. People around us judge us at every possible junctures. That is the reason we need to communicate to people in a better way. In today’s context, there is an “education inflation” going around everywhere. Here’s what I mean by “education inflation”. In the past, around 1940s, my parents’ Continue Reading →

4 Reasons You Should Email Prospects and Clients Weekly

One of the most valuable commodities any business has is its list of leads and clients. These are people that have given you permission to market to them, over and over again. They want to hear from you, and any businessman will tell you that finding a target market to sell to is one of the hardest aspects of any business. In other words, if you’re not emailing your pool of leads and clients, you’re missing out on potentially thousands of dollars per month. Also, just emailing them once or Continue Reading →

5 Ideas for Customer Satisfaction Survey

Creating a handful customer survey has never been an easy task, but still it is worth following. Other ways of feedback helps in gathering a large amount of information quickly on any set of questions. But all in the end, surveys have few very serious problems, and such as encountered if you create questions for survey without a game plan. This article will be dealing with the ideas and tips necessary for customer satisfaction survey gathered by the team of Keep It Short and Simple This is one of Continue Reading →