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Duplicate Content In Magento And How To Fix The Problem

Duplicate content is a common problem, as seen in many shopping carts, Magento included. You have to be aware that this issue is very complex and there are at least a few potential sources of duplicate content. In this article we will discuss the major problems with duplicate content and suggest possible solutions.

What is duplicate content and how it can affect your eCommerce?

Duplicate content is any type of content, which is repeated on more than one page of your website. For example, if you copy descriptions of your products and publish them on more than one page, you are creating duplicate content. In Magento the problem can be caused by the platform itself: the shopping cart can automatically create different URLs, which refer to the same content. In result Google sees these pages as repetitions. This can severely damage your search engine optimization efforts and decrease your position in Google ranking. How come? Google gives priority and higher rates to unique, informative content. Multiple repetitions and duplicate content result in lower ratings.

Duplicate content on product pages

As stated above, repeated product descriptions are one of the most common sources of duplicate content. Product pages are responsible for as much as 80-90% of the Google website index, therefore it is extremely important that your product pages contain unique, original content. Avoid repeating product descriptions on more than one product page.

Layered navigation

Layered navigation is also a common source of problems with duplicate content. Whenever a customer searches for a product in your online store or uses filters to display search results, Magento creates dynamic pages with the query string parameter featured as a part of the URL. This new URL does not contain any new content, nor does it refer to new content, so it is a repetition of content already published somewhere else on your website. The more customers visit your online store and use filters to browse through your products, the more new URLs are generated by Magento and indexed by Google, resulting in a lower rating of your website. What can you do to prevent or solve this problem? If you can afford it, order Magento services in UK. This is the best way to ensure that your website index is not affected by duplicate content. Unfortunately, without the professional help of Magento certified programmers, it might be difficult to remove all sources of the problem. If you want to solve the issue by yourself, try adding the Meta Robots Tag to the head of any URL, which contains a parameter. Remember to set it to noindex, follow. This is the most effective solution to the problem, but if you want to experiment a bit and look for alternative ways of dealing with the duplicate content issue, you can also try adding a canonical to the header in order to tell Google which page is the original one. This solution is usually less effective than the one presented above, so we recommend using it in combination with other techniques.

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Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.


The Main Issues With Magento And How To Solve Them

The Main Issues with Magento and How to Solve Them

Magento is not a perfect shopping cart, but none of the other platforms is. Magento suffers from the fact that it is an open source platform, so if you need any customer support you are left only with the Magento community, so finding a good solution to your problems can be difficult and time consuming. On the other hand, the fact that Magento is an open source shopping cart and is available for free is one of the main reasons, why the website is so popular – it currently holds the first place in the shopping cart popularity ranking with one third of all online stores using Magento as their platform of choice. If you plan to use Magento, you should be prepared that you might experience the following problems along the way:

Expensive extensions

You will quickly discover that although Magento is a free platform, it requires multiple extensions, which you need in order to add basic functionalities to your online store or to improve its performance. Some of these extensions are offered for free, but the most advanced and useful ones sell for a few hundred dollars. If you have decided to try out Magento, because the platform is offered for free, and it turns out that you have to pay a few hundred dollars just to keep it up and running, it is far from what you expected the platform to be like.

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Difficulties with developing Magento store

XML theme layout is not intuitive, especially for beginners, and difficult to recognize problems. On top of that, there are multiple problems with rewriting classes and templates, which often do not have the kind of theme you want. Magento can be difficult to use for developers and it is even more difficult to learn for people, who have no background in programming. Developing an admin panel is complicated and it takes a lot of time, but without it many clients will not be able to make any changes to the online store. Again, it turns out that developing a free, open source shopping cart costs more than using hosted platforms.

Possible solutions

Magento is not a platform for newcomers or inexperienced developers, who do not know much about XML. If you plan to use Magento, the best option is to look for a Magento developer for hire. It again sounds like a paradox, but hiring a company specializing in Magento development can cost less than buying every required extension and spending hours trying to figure out how Magento works, often with little success. Hiring a professional Magento development company not also helps reduce the price of Magento website development, but it also guarantees better performance of your online store. If you can’t afford Magento custom development and have no programming skills, we recommend one of the hosted shopping carts, such as Volusion, BigCommerce or Shopify. These platforms have its limitations, but are perfect for small online retailers with limited resources and everyone, who wants to learn how to develop and run an online store from scratch.

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Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.


How To Speed Up Magento Community?

Standard Magento websites tend to load pretty quickly. Of course, a lot depends on the size of the website, server specifications, the number of products in the catalog, but overall, Magento shopping carts are one of the fastest to load on any device. If you feel that your online store is underperforming or if you would like to decrease the page load time to 2 seconds or less, we have good news for you: Magento Community comes with a few built-in features, which can help you reduce page load time. You can change the following settings in a few simple steps and it won’t take more than a few minutes to increase the functionality of your online store.

Magento Cache

Turning cache on can reduce your page load time by at least half a second. This might seem like a poor result, but in the world of eCommerce, where 4 seconds is too long and 3 seconds is barely acceptable, half a second less can make a real difference. Also remember that the bigger your online store is, the more time you can save by properly optimizing its performance and using Magento Cache. If your Magento store is live, make sure that you have turned Magento Cache on.

Magento Compilation

Magento Compilation is not the easiest one to use, mainly because it does not work with many popular extensions. At the same time, Magento Compilation can help you reduce load speed by at least a second, so it is definitely worth checking out, especially if your online store is rather simple in terms of design. We recommend first trying it on the development server, before turning it on live. The main reason why you should do it this way is the opportunity to thoroughly test Magento Compilation. Check if all your extensions are working properly, when Magento Compilation is turned on. Visit several different pages in your online store, including the shopping cart and checkout page. If you do not see any problems with them, you can switch Magento Compilation on your production server.

Magento JS/CSS Merge

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    Speed Up Magento - Ecommerce Site Video Case Study

Merging JS/CSS, when the website is live, can bring positive results, as long as it is performed correctly. You have probably heard that Magento JS/CSS Merge is not worth dealing with, as it can lead to problems with the website performance, but that is not true, as long as your JS libraries are properly integrated. We recommend asking your Magento designers to take a look at it and advise whether activating Margento JS/CSS Merge is safe for your online store.

.htaccess tweaks

Tweaking .htaccess provides you with an opportunity to significantly reduce load speed. Although .htaccess is just a small file, tweaks such as GZIP, DEFLATE, EXPIRES can decrease your page load time by a second or less. It is definitely worth checking out. If you do not know how to tweak .htaccess file, you can find helpful information online. You can also order cheap Magento web development services in Ukraine to have this matter done by professionals and pay a reasonable price for this kind of services.

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Marta Gromadzka is a writer and editor with a wide variety of experience, including writing for websites internationally and editing books on many different subjects and in a variety of formats.


Which SEO Services Do You Need?

Which SEO Services Do You Need?

Making a site successful isn’t easy. One essential element of making any site a success is making sure that you bring in plenty of traffic, but this isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are companies out there that offer SEO services for this purpose, and these services can help you achieve your goals of bringing in traffic. Many of these companies offer all different types of SEO and other types of advertising-related services that you can use, however, and you might be unsure of which services you really need. This is a quick and easy guide to the different services that these companies offer.

SEO Services

Obviously, SEO companies offer SEO services, and these services can be highly helpful for you and your site. SEO services involve a lot of different things: For example, those who offer these services frequently spend a lot of time carefully researching their clients’ niches and the keywords that are related to them. Then, they work hard to make their clients’ websites pop up high in the search engine rankings for these keywords. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however, and it can take a lot of time and several months for these companies to achieve high search engine rankings for their clients. When they do, however, these high search engine rankings work for reputation management purposes and advertising purposes, and they can bring in a lot of organic traffic through search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Many companies like offer SEO services that will also create social media profiles on all of the major social media websites for their customers. They use these profiles to communicate with clients and to promote their clients’ websites, and these profiles often pop up on both social media websites and search engine listings.

Pay Per Click Advertisement Management

Pay per click advertisements can be effective for advertising purposes. This is especially true if you want to start bringing in traffic and business now while you are waiting for the benefits of your SEO services to kick in, which can take a few months. Setting up and maintaining these advertising campaigns can be time consuming and a bit tricky, but companies that offer SEO services will often handle all of that for you if you opt for the service.

Other Services

These are a few of the many services that these companies offer, but some offer even more. For example, you might be able to hire one company to design and maintain your website and handle all of your advertising and search engine optimization, which can be convenient and a bit more cost-effective than hiring multiple companies to handle all of these different things.

These are a few different advertising and SEO services that you should consider; although you might not choose to go with all of them, you will probably find that using a combination of different services will help you achieve the goals that you have for yourself and your site, and you might be surprised by how quickly you can see amazing results if you hire the right company for the job.

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Larry Smith is a publisher and author of over 200 article on SEO related topics, and is also a consultant at Neueseo. His experience has led him to consult all types of business on online marketing and web design aspects. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to read more of his articles.