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How To Find A Good SEO Company

How to Find a Good SEO Company

Having a good SEO company is a great way to boost your search engine rankings and bring in tons of traffic, but you could be wondering how to find a good SEO company that can provide you with effective services without charging you an arm and a leg for them. If you are wondering how you can hire a really good SEO company for all of your search engine optimization needs, you should consider following these tips.

What Kind of Results Has the Company Seen?

If possible, consider asking for a few samples of sites that the company has done in the past. Then, you can get a feel for how well these sites have ranked, how popular they are and how effective the company’s SEO campaign was.

  • 9 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring Them
    YouTube Video
    9 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring Them

How Much Does the Company Charge?

You can’t really put a price on the success of your website, but you also shouldn’t have to pay too much money for your SEO services. Even though you might not want to go with the absolute cheapest company, you should look for a company that charges reasonable rates; then, you don’t have to worry about going broke while trying to make your site successful.

What Services Does the Company Offer?

Different SEO companies offer different services, and you might be in need of services that others don’t need. For example, if you want the company to handle every aspect of your SEO needs for you, you will need to hire a company that will provide keyword research, written content, backlink creation and more. If you can handle your own content writing and other similar tasks, however, you may be able to opt for a cheaper package from a company that offers certain services without a package.

Does the Company Have Good Reviews?

It can be difficult for even the best of companies to maintain stellar ratings at all times, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be a bit weary of companies that have a lot of negative reviews. It’s generally pretty easy to find reviews of SEO companies online, and looking at these reviews can give you an idea of whether or not the previous customers were satisfied. Although it’s a good idea to ignore a complaint here and there, you might want to pass up on a company if it gets a lot of negative reviews and few positive ones, particularly if all of the negative reviews list similar problems.

Does it Seem Like a Good Company?

Using your own senses is a good way to tell if you can trust an SEO company. Is the site professionally done? Does the website answer all of your questions and provide all of the information that you need? Does the staff seem to be helpful and responsive? Paying attention to such things can help you find the company that is right for you.

Learning how to find good SEO company options is easier than you think; just follow these tips, and you are sure to be well on your way to a website that is perfectly optimized for search engines.

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The research and information in this article is provided by Larry Smith, an Internet Marketing specialist at Neueseo. Larry provides consulting and managing services to small and mid size clients on all aspects of online marketing and web design. You can find more of his posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Have An Amazing Smartphone – Archos 50 Oxygen+ 4G

This is the pretty traditional handset in order to specs, but this is available in the two versions such as 3G and 4g. A component includes the 5 HD screens from the Japan display, the MediaTek MT6592 processor. This mobile has 1 GB of random access memory and Mali450 graphics chip.

Specification Of Archos 50 Oxygen+ 4G

This Archos 50 Oxygen+ 4G made with the 8 MP main camera and 5 MP front camera. It has 8 GB of a storage and also has dual SIM functionality as well as 2000 mAh battery. A 4G version can run the Android 5.0 Lollipop and whereas a 3G version has to make with the android 4.4 KitKat. A 3G model can launch in the month of march in €169 and also a 4G version will surely hit a shelve in the month of the June at the price of €199. Archos 50 oxygen plus, a smartphone can measure the 0.29 inches thick as well as sport the price tag which would not break a bank. An upcoming mobile can have the 5 inches IPS LED screen with the 1280 x 720  resolution. And backing the screen can be the MediaTek MT6592 processor is clocked at a 1.4 GHz. This device will give you 16 GB of the internal storage as well as give you MicroSD card reader for 128 GB of the additional storage. The Archos 50 Oxygen plus 4G, a company can showcase an Archos 52 platinum, Archos 59 Xeon and Archos 62 Xeon. Use coupons for Snapdeal and get more benefits.

Storage And Battery Capacity:

The specification shows that a phone can come back packed with the Micro SIM as well as Nano SI card slots, it meaning a phone is able to support 2 mobile services simultaneously. And there can be the 8 MP camera with the flash on a back and also a 5 MP camera on a front. This device takes clear pictures and high quality of pictures. The Archos can continue expanding the range of the smartphones by just unveiling the 4G version of Archos 50 oxygen plus in the month of June as already said above. An updated 4G version can feature the Android Lollipop and also it can be powered by the 4G Octa core processor that is a MT6752 processor for faster or speed as well as performance. This device made with the latest technology and now more people are so eager to buy this device.

Design And Performance:

The curved edges, rounded corner and camera placement as well as details on a back of a device of overall scream Apple but it picks this up and also you can immediately notice a lack of the premium finish. This is the undeniable plastic mobile and also this feels cheap in a hand. A lightweight nature of a phone that means it is just 125 g so it adds a cheap feeling and also this is not the bad thing considering a price you will pay and also this means that you may hold this for extended the periods without the wrist falling off.

How to Recover Data from NTFS Formatted Partition

Do you also believe formatting permanently erase all data from hard drive partitions? If yes, then let us assure you that you can still recover all hard drive data from NTFS partition. Formatting only leads to inaccessibility of all hard drive data that can be restored in limited period of time. Only factor that can result in loss of data is overwriting, if you keep on using hard drive NTFS partition after formatting it might result in overwriting of data. In such cases the data cannot be restored following manual as well as professional tools.

Brief About NTFS Partition And Formatting 

New Technology File System (NTFS) is file system for Windows NT and upgraded versions including Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 etc.  Just like FAT file system, NTFS does not use allocation table but store all information directly in file. Few benefits of using NTFS file system includes faster accessibility of files, efficient storage of information, better file compression, disk management and file security.

In the case of accidental or intentional formatting all saved data in NTFS partition gets deleted. If the backup of data is available with users they can restore imported files and folders in NTFS partition but if you don’t have updated backup available only way to restore data is via professional tools.

Way To Restore Formatted NTFS Partition  

Using third party tools like hard drive recovery users can avail benefits of restoring data from NTFS formatted partition. The tool also permits users to recover corrupt and deleted data from hard drive without damaging original integrity of files. Users can also recover data from all internal/external hard drives, camera memory cards, SD cards and iPod etc.

The powerful scanning modes of tool will help to automatically detect available disk partitions to recover data from NTFS formatted partition. Users are required to select the formatted partition and click on ‘Recover Partition’ option to extract data from formatted NTFS partition.



From multiple recovery modes, choose ‘Formatted Partition’ and click on ‘Recover’ option this will help to extract only formatted data from NTFS partition.


  • Recover Lost or Deleted Partition to Recover Data
    YouTube Video
    Recover Lost or Deleted Partition to Recover Data

Upon completion of scanning process, the tool will display all recovered items in software panel. Users can take preview of all recovered items before saving it to desired location. If required users can also make use of ‘Search’ feature that will help to extract only specific type of files from bulk hard disk data.


Select files and folders to proceed to next level of saving recovered data. Users can either save selected files or can save all recovered items at desirable location in system.



For those users who need to evaluate the worth of Hard Drive Recovery Tool prior to investing in licensed version of tool, DEMO version is available. The trial mode will help to provide preview of entire hard drive recovery process and recovered data to users. Once the abilities of tool gets demonstrated, users can invest in licensed version for bulk recover of NTFS formatted partition faultlessly.   

Communicate Like a Pro with the Help of these 7 Tips!

We all want to be confident. Confidence is usually associated with competence and with competence comes more opportunities. Unfortunately, not everyone has the qualms to stand in front of a crowd or even in front of a few to speak out. For aspiring public speakers, confidence is a vital thing. And if you’re looking for some ways on how to improve your skills in this area, the following tips could be of great help.

First things first – LISTEN

All excellent communicators weren’t recognized as such without being a good listener beforehand. It’s a basic factor. You can’t successfully bring out a message without listening to the other side of the story. The more you listen, the more you understand the matter at hand. This, in turn, allows you to construct a more relevant message for your audience.

Decide on a Message

Whether you’re asked to deliver an inspirational talk or a response to another speech, having a central message is important. This can refer to your stand about a particular matter. By having a core message, it becomes easier to expand your speech from there.

Use Eye Contact

Staying relevant to your listeners is one of the most vital factors that can decide whether or not you are being an effective speaker. One of the basic factors to do this is by using eye contact. Look at your listeners in the eye while you speak. By doing so, you are building a connection – an important thing in getting your message across.

Maximize Gestures

Aside from eye contact, making use of helpful gestures such as waving of a hand, opening your arms wide and more also helps. With the right timing, these hand movements could add more impact to your message. We should include here the importance of your facial expression. Even a mild frown, a nod, or a smile already means a lot. If you are not confident on how to utilize these actions, it might be best to practice in front of a mirror to get a better view of your own delivery.

Be Mindful of Your Tone and Pacing

A professional communicator is widely applauded not only for their excellent message but also for their delivery. Tone and pacing affect this. As the speaker, you should neither speak too slow or too fast. The most efficient method is to go with the emotion your message hopes to convey. If you speak too fast, listeners will most likely miss some important details while speaking so slow might bore some of them. Practice the art of punctuating your speech. This will show the emotion of what you’re trying to convey.

Add Emphasis on Important Message – PAUSE

Adding emphasis on certain parts of a message can be a challenge. One of the most effective means to do this is to pause. This will give your audience some time to internalize or think about what you just said. Just make sure that you don’t pause for so long. Few seconds would do.

Use the Language of Your Viewers

Lastly, talk in the same language with your listeners. Talking to a group of business executives would surely sound different when facing a group of literature students. Speaking in the tone of your audience does not only make your credible but also relevant. This might come as a huge challenge especially if you’re not used to speaking to a specific group of people. But with enough preparation and even coaching, you’ll do just fine.

There’s no easy way out to becoming a professional public speaker. Even the most seasoned ones get nervous on their talks. The key is to not give up on practicing and to grab any opportunities that would help you enhance your skills. Being open-minded to the inputs of other speakers will also play a major role. Make sure to keep them in mind!

Author Bio

Raphael Rico Zamora is a Filipino blogger working in a translation services Philippines, a professional translation and interpretation company located in the business district of Makati City, Philippines.

Cutting to the Chase in Public Speaking

Cut to the chase basically means to get to the point excluding needless prelude. This phrase is thought to have originated from silent movies of the yesteryear. Silent movies, as the name implies, did not have any sound or verbal conversation. The acting was made with facial expressions and gestures. Frequently, these movies told of romantic stories that would ultimately culminate into a chasing scene. Therefore, movie makers sometimes had to cut the film short and quickly get to the “chase” in order not to lose the viewers’ interest.

Let’s now cut to the chase and talk about the importance of cutting to the chase in public speaking. What an ironical statement 🙂

The Importance of Getting To the Point

Under ideal conditions, an individual will give attention to your speech for as many minutes as their age. For example, a two-year-old child will pay attention for two minutes, a five year old will pay attention for five minutes, a fifteen-year-old child will listen for 15 minutes and so on up to the age of 20. After that, it tapers off. Therefore, it is crucial to omit the preambles, get to point as swift as possible and keep reinforcing your point frequently.

Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister said “If you have an important point to make, do not try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.” He truly understood the importance of cutting through the chase and reinforcing one’s point regularly.

Get Straight To the Point, Keep It Short and Concise

When you are writing your speech, it is significant to always remember what message you want to deliver in your speech at all times. This will ensure that the process of crafting of your presentation will be aligned to the direction of your message. To better comprehend the direction your speech, you need to understand the purpose of your speech. It falls under 2 broad categories:

    General purpose
    Specific purpose

Once you determine the categorization, you can then dwell deeper into the real purpose and intentions of the speech. Your general purpose could be to either inspire, persuade, entertain or explain. Usually, all speeches will fall into one of these four categories.

General Purpose
Inspirational speech
Persuasive speech
Entertaining speech
Explanatory speech

The specific purpose of a speech is the idea or elucidation that gives your presentation direction beyond the general purpose. The specific purpose will answer one of the following questions, conditional on your general purpose:

  • Why are you inspiring the gathering of people?
  • What are you trying to persuade the audience to do?
  • How are you entertaining your listeners?
  • What are you explaining to your listeners?
  • Specific Purpose
    Specifically worded and crafted from the audience’s viewpoint

    • YouTube Video
      "Kings & Kingdoms" Part 11 - Cut to the Chase - Raymond Woodward
    By the time you finish your speech, the audience should ideally be able to speak in one clear sentence on what your purpose of the speech is. The audience should generally have a comprehensible consensus on your purpose and goal as well, but slight variations and interpretations among the audience is acceptable. If you have been to a boring workshop with your fellow audience murmuring to you “what was that about?” or “what was her point?” or “he was all over the place”, you had most probably tasted a speech that had no general and / or specific purpose. Test your speech on your family or friends first, and ask them for their opinions, if the message is clear or does it need more focus.


    It is speech contest time among Toastmasters throughout the world now. Many aspiring contestants would be researching Youtube for winning speeches to emulate during their respective contests. While I’m not discouraging you from doing market research on Youtube (I personally don’t do it myself), I would suggest that you first look at your specific purpose carefully. If you get this aspect right, it would be easier for everything else to fall in place naturally.

    I wish you well.

    This article was written by a 3 time Toastmasters District Champion 🙂