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Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Networks for Mobile Marketing

According to some research, 91% of cell phone users keep their cell phones with them all day.  That translates to a text message being by 97% of cell phone users within 5 minutes of receiving it.  This means, therefore, that if you advertise or market via mobile ways, you will dramatically increase your potential market.  

Combining the greatest sources of market pool (social media) with the fastest advertisement and marketing media (mobile phones and other telecommunication devices) equals a blast of positive advantages right at the tip of every mobile phone user.  And that’s just like being able to bring your goods to reach the whole wide world in a split of a second with guaranteed results in a short span of time.

Now let us examine the top 5 social media networks that can be perfect partners to any of your traditional marketing ideas:

1. Foursquare

Foursquare pioneered the use of GPS and Wi-Fi positioning to know the locations and check-ins of those using their mobile devices such as smart phones.  With over six billion check-ins and millions more every day, Foursquare estimates over 1.7 million of business that use their Merchant Platform as of May 2014.  We can just imagine the quality of the tools they develop regularly to keep every customer and fans engaged with the businesses and merchants they work with.

2. Facebook

Facebook promises you all the right people and an average of 91% intended audience reach for you to meet your business goals.  Who can question that when Facebook is on three of every four smart phones and more than half of people in the world on Facebook visit the site every day?  What’s even more beautiful with their business platform is that they offer marketing solutions for every purpose, be it increasing online sales or launching a new product. Need I say more?

3. Twitter

Twitter boasts not only its number of active users but its unique proposition in terms of marketing which is absolutely what makes them a cut from the rest – marketing with precision.  Traffic isn’t traffic at all if a business has not reached its desired demographics.  Twitter promises every business or merchant partner the right people to connect with.  Twitter’s marketing solutions provide ways on how to reach the targeted market and to be able to track or monitor every move you make along the way.  My personal favourite? Those cute hash tags, embedded tweets, mobile apps, and loveable buttons.  

4. Google+

Google+ just surfaced amidst all these craze in all other social media networks.  But it’s catching up with all other media for mobile marketing.  If other social media networks allow businesses to find the right audience or market for their products and services, Googl+ do it the other way around.  With Google+, be found by customers across Google.  Considering that 97% of consumers search for local businesses, desired products, and much-needed services online, Google+ page connects local and even worldwide businesses or merchants with customers no matter what device they are using. Cool isn’t it?

5. LinkedIn

Ever since LinkedIn was created, I’m pretty sure almost all of us can describe its overall appeal in just one word – professional.  Extending that to the corporate work, LinkedIn marketing solutions aim to build relationships on the world’s largest professional network.  Unlike Twitter that promises customer targeting with precision, LinkedIn helps their business or merchant partners target high quality with accuracy.  Professional as it is, LinkedIn promotes engagement by making sure that every updates, advertisement, and all other content posted reach specific audiences with relevant messages.  Furthermore, unlike all other social media networks, LinkedIn’s range of APIs and plugins are powerful tools to deepen engagement with your audience and share relevant content on and off our network.  It’s like 24/7 marketing!

It’s funny that these successful social media networks founded their success on every single individual’s boredom.   Oftentimes, we access our mobile phones and immediately login into our social media account to either share our boredom, alleviate our boredom, or to simply entertain ourselves.  Without us knowing it, we are already one of those targeted audience, market, or customers.  Marketing starts here.  With mobile marketing used appropriately, spectacular returns can be achieved at a modest cost.

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The Power Of The Habit: A Loop to Succeed

Have you ever stopped to think about what you could do differently, from now on, to achieve success? Simple changes in behavior can make all the difference, especially when it becomes a habit. You know what all successful people (really, I’m talking about all of them) have in common? Well, it’s something that dominates us all the time, but is also the key to achieving success. Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Why do you do what you are doing today?
  2. Why do some people and companies have a lot of difficulties to make a change, while others seems to?

The author of “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business”, after gathering numerous scientific research,shows that you need to enjoy the actual moment, which is the “Golden Age” of neuroscience, to understand how your brain is organized on a daily basis. It is striking to realize that all the people who have managed to succeed have a common pattern among them: the success from habits.

If we look at the athlete’s trajectories of the 2016 Olympics, we can see that the champions did all the time extraordinary things. To reach this level of evolution, they’ve made a series of frequent, repetitive things, which need to be non-rationalized. They know the power of habits and use it rationally to achieve something extraordinary. They know the brain is organized to save efforts and take full advantage of it. When confronted with the need to learn a new skill, such as a new language or a musical instrument, the brain consumes a lot of energy.

  • 6 Healthy Habits That Will CHANGE Your Life | How to Be More Productive & Healthier Routines
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    6 Healthy Habits That Will CHANGE Your Life | How to Be More Productive & Healthier Routines
But,after some time, the responsible regions for attention and control effort begins to decrease their activities and start to work on “autopilot”. It happens when we adopt the routine. Thus, you will have time and energy to focus on new things that require thought and learning. Well, to get to this point, know the three stages of habit loop. Remember: you must respect the stage 3!

Trigger: A Desire for a Change

Imagine, for example, that a company advertises its internationalization within 1 year and there you identify a great professional opportunity. You then conclude that you need to improve some of your skills, or just one. Let’s say that this skill is to communicate better in Spanish language. Of course, the mere fact that you identify a trigger by itself may not be enough to develop a habit – but if this motivation is strong, then you will pass to the 2nd. loop step, which is:

Routine: Attendance

To develop it, you will study the new language daily. It’s important to know that the habit will only be consolidated after 66 days of routine. Until then, you take risks and this is where many people give up, right on the halfway. A good tip here is to draw, step by step, what you need to do to get there – this tool may help you. However, the cycle has not yet been closed. He only gets established with the third and last step:

Reward: The pleasure

As soon as you get the first results with your new language skills, you will realize greater recognition of people and of course, new opportunities will open up. This is the reward achieved by completing the habit loop cycle. In this case, the power of habit was effective because you identified a strong reason to start, which is the trigger, developed and consolidated an uninterrupted routine practicing studies and after a period of time, began to receive the reward that will motivate you to continue.

This goes for any habit you want to adopt. But be very aware and follow the 3 steps of the loop.
Remember, you are the sole owner of your own mind.To understand how habits work can turn you in a more productive person, healthier and even happier – But it will always depend on you.

About the Author:

Camila Honda is a Brazilian, Digital Marketer and loves Project Management. She is currently working at Heflo and

All You Need to Know About Magento and Its Platforms

You can observe continuous growth in the eCommerce sales. In fact, according to an online it is estimated that the global sales will reach up to 1.5 trillion in 2018.

So, if you’re a retailer or the owner of an established brick-and-mortar store, then it’s high time for you to take your e-commerce business online. Fortunately, there are many e-commerce platforms out there that can be used for creating an e-commerce storefront. But, among all Magento appears to be the most preferred and best platform for building an e-store.

When it comes to building a Magento store, you can choose to install any pre-built template or employ Magento Development Services of a reputed web development company. Still not convinced as to why you should prefer using Magento as your e-commerce platform? Read on further to know what makes Magento one of the best platform for developing an e-commerce website.

Magento: Facts and Statistics That Makes It a Preferred E-commerce Platform

Below are a few stats that clearly show the increasing popularity of the Magento platform:

An analysis conducted by Aheadworks for 2015 displayed Magento’s leading position worldwide, which was a lot more than other platforms.
According to builtWith, over 7,000 out of the top one million e-commerce sites are using Magento.

Based on the analysis of Internet Retailer (IR) 2014 Top 500 Guide, Magento is one of the leading providers to the “top 500 Internet retailers” located in the US and Canada.

Below is a list of some great Magento features that makes it a viable choice for setting up a storefront:
1. It was Built For E-commerce: WordPress that has grown from a blogging platform to a complete CMS today, doesn’t come with built-in e-commerce functionality. Though, there are plugins out there that can help in transforming your WordPress site into a fully-functional e-commerce store, but it still can’t offer ecommerce functionality such as Magento platform. That’s because, Magento was built mainly for e-commerce, unlike the WordPress platform. And thus, Magento comes fully loaded with a rich feature set that helps in putting up an e-commerce storefront.

2. Plenty of Customization Options: Magento will help you quickly build an amazing looking online store with enhanced e-commerce capability, thanks to the ample number of themes and extensions it offers. Besides, you’ll get to access several in built customization options in a Magento storefront – that will help you customize your storefront based on your customers needs, thereby helping you deliver the perfect experience to the customers.

3. Eliminate Compatibility Issues: Magento e-stores can be easily optimized for varied types of platforms, as well as, devices. This helps in eliminating the compatibility issues. Simply put, your Magento store can be accessed and viewed using any platform and device. Since your web store can be accessed by almost any device user, this will eventually help in expanding your reach to a wider audience base.

4. Allows Setting up Multiple Stores: Another excellent feature of Magento is its ability to manage multiple stores simultaneously using one admin panel. And so, you can enjoy the same comfort of making edits whether you’re running just a single store or many different stores.

Some additional Magento features are:

Provide support for m-commerce.
Contains a user-friendly and intuitive back end.
Integration with third-party add-ons.
Backed by large community of developers.
It is SEO friendly.
Many different shopping cart options, and so on.

Types of Magento Platforms: Enterprise vs Community

Magento has two different editions available, namely: Community edition and Enterprise edition. Which one of these editions you should choose depends on your needs. Let us discuss about both the editions:

1. Community Edition

If you’re tied to a limited budget, or simply want to create a Magento storefront for free, then Community edition is the best option for you. Created as an open-source software, the community edition can be downloaded without having to pay the licensing fee. Moreover, users have the freedom to make any changes to the code files as per their needs.

This Magento edition allows adding many different product options, such as product name, product cost, tier price, description (short and long), etc. What’s more, since this is an open source platform, you can get access to unlimited support of the community. This Magento platform is ideal to be used by small businesses and mid-market merchants.

2. Enterprise Edition

  • Magento, WordPress or Yii: Which Platform is Right for You
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    Magento, WordPress or Yii: Which Platform is Right for You
If you can invest a few bucks, then Enterprise edition is worth trying because of the advanced features it offers – something that you won’t get – when using the community edition. Of course, with the growth of your web store, you’ll need to use additional advanced features that the free Magento version cannot provide. The base of both the Magento community and enterprise editions is same, however, the latter one comes preloaded with more functions to meet users’ needs having different business requirements.
In order to make use of the Magento Enterprise, you are required to purchase its subscription plan that starts from $14,420 annually. The Magento enterprise edition is a good fit for merchants who need to handle a large product catalog. Unlike the community edition, you won’t be getting unlimited support of developers when using the enterprise edition as it is not an open-source platform.


If you run an online business, but haven’t yet created your presence online, then you must consider having your own strong online identity, by putting up an e-commerce storefront using the Magento platform. Here in the post, we’ve discussed about Magento as an e-commerce platform and its two different platforms, among which you need to choose one for creating a web store.

Hiring Translation Services – Do’s and Don’ts

Decades ago, the need to translate was never as prolific as the ones we see today. Before, companies can hire independent translators who work with them in a limited period of time. Now, with various businesses going global, the need to hire agencies who can take charge of bulk translation at the shortest span of time is necessary.
If you are someone who is looking to hire one, it’s vital that you know the do’s and don’ts in getting the right service. Below is a short checklist you can use.


Be specific on your needs

Prior to hiring a translation service, you should first make a list of the specifics you wish to have. What are the items you want to translate? Will it only be limited to text or will there be video and audio content?
Defining this ahead of time will save more time, which of course means that you will also save money.

Get a list of the most competent translation service in your area

Rather than focusing on one company alone, it’s more advantageous if you find two or three more options. This way, you will have an easier means of assessing the efficiency of a service. It is also vital when it comes to striking a comparison between their service package. Go for those who can give you the output you need.

Assess the total cost

Money is always an issue in any kind of company. As you work on searching for services, do not forget to verify their individual cost as well. How much are they charging you? Compare it with your budget plan and see if its within your reach. There are services which really cost high. It is always advisable to stay within your budget. If there is really a need to exceed, make sure you consider the other areas on your business that will be affected by the shift of money allocation.

Verify the specific inclusions of the service

Lastly, know the details of what you are paying for. What does the translation service cover? This greatly affects the costing so it’s important that you check the work they can do for you. Needless to say, you should go for those who can give you what you need. Anything extra would only mean added cost on your part.


Avoid relying mainly on the ads you see online

It’s easy to get attracted by all those stunning ads you see online. However, you must always remember that just like any other businesses, advertising agencies have vested interest in creating those memorable publicity stunts. As the client, your judgment should not only focus on what you see on the mainstream media.
You must take all the information you see with a grain of salt and work on verifying the data yourself. This way, you can guarantee that the service you pay for is able and competent enough to deliver the task you have for them.

Refrain from choosing those with no solid experience

You might be surprised when you find out that there are actually a lot of translation agencies offering their service online. Selecting just one from the pool of options can take time. This is why asking for references and working profile matter.
To be safe, refrain from dealing with those entities who cannot show you proof of their efficient track record in the industry.

Do not hire those that do not have valid business permits

Last but one that is often taken for granted is the checking of business permit. This permit is a proof that the company is working on legal terms. It’s also an indication that they operate on the specific standards set for their industry.

There is no shortcut in getting the best men on board your team. It takes considerable amount of time and effort to sift through your options and decide which of them works best. Be reminded with the list of do’s and don’ts and find the best translation services Philippines!

Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public – 5 Reasons

Here at Better Speaking Skills, we are looking for actionable tips on improving our speaking skills. However, we don’t pay much attention to overcoming the fear of speaking in public even though it might be twice efficient.

In fact, 74% of people suffer from glossophobia, aka a fear of speaking in public. Believe it or not, having this fear negatively affects your well-being, and you lose a big variety of opportunities around you. If you think that it’s hard to overcome the fear of speaking in public, you’re right. On the other hand, once you do your best to beat it, you get much more.

Fearless public speech is not just a dream; it’s you who can change your life for better.

Here are 5 reasons to overcome the fear of speaking in public:

Heightened Self-confidence

No one wants to feel humiliated after public speaking, but it’s nearly impossible to prevent this feeling if you made mistakes while delivering a speech. Unfortunately, speech anxiety affects our performance, and it’s more likely you fail if you’re worrying. Therefore, your failures decrease self-confidence.

All in all, you need to beat the fear of speaking in public to stay confident and achieve success in any niche you want to.

Increase Your Potential

Every person has a fear, and in most cases, it’s just a question of emotions. Unfortunately, having a fear decreases your energy and put limits on your growth. Once you overcome a fear, you increase your potential as there are no frames for your development.

Are you reaching your potential? It might be high time to start living a better life: without any fears.

Take a Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Living within your comfort zone is a normal thing for most people as we are afraid of getting out of this area: everything scares. Scientifically, a comfort zone is a type of behavior that keeps you on the lowest level of anxiety. However, if you break out of this zone, you’re able to develop some new skills which may lead to your growth.

Establish More Contacts

Have you ever dreamed of being a successful person? I bet that you have. In fact, successful people have a big number of contacts that help them a lot. If you don’t have a fear of speaking in public, you can establish contacts that would be beneficial for you.

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    8 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright-How to Get Over Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety
Obviously, you need to understand people who are listening to your speech, and audience analysis is a number-one thing as it helps to suit the needs. Once you know how to fit people’s expectations and needs, you can establish good and long-term contact.

Find Support and Understanding

There is one thing for you to remember: your audience is not waiting for your failure. People come to find actionable tips on solving their problems, and they rely on you as you’re an expert in the niche. Thus, you can find support and understanding while delivering a speech, and it’s easier if you don’t have a fear of speaking in public. Once you share your thought with the audience, use eye-contact to find those who completely support you. It can be important not only for the moment of speech.


Having fears gives you nothing but anxiety. To stand out from the crowd and achieve success, you need to do your best in order to overcome your fear. The faster you do it, the better. There are more reasons to overcome the fear of speaking in public, and you’re welcome to list yours to motivate each other beat it once and for all.

So, are you ready to overcome this fear?

Lale Byquist is a media communications student who has overcome the fear of speaking in public. Lale runs website where she shares her tips and pieces of advice. Follow her on Twitter or drop a line at

Lale Byquist