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5 Public Speaking Tips to Keep in Mind

Public speaking will always be one of the most common fears of every person – even the experienced public speaker experiences nervousness, too. It may just take you a few minutes to stand in front and say your speech, but that short time can be filled with worries of forgetting your lines, making a mistake, being publicly ridiculed and humiliated, and so on. While everyone makes mistakes and practice and experience can make public speaking so much easier as time goes by, it doesn’t hurt to know some public speaking tips to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

Learn from the masters.

Not everyone has a talent for public speaking, but you have to remember that even the most successful and popular speakers started at the bottom, too. They may have the skill to deliver their speech gracefully but it takes some charisma and right attitude to catch and sustain the interest of your listeners. As you make a career out of speaking in various engagements, don’t hesitate to check out different successful speakers. What makes them successful and what keeps them apart as good examples? You can surely learn a thing or two from listening to public speeches and taking note of the speaker’s style.

Be familiar with the room.

As much as possible, familiarize yourself with the room you’ll be speaking in as this can likely diminish some of the stress and apprehension brought about by the upcoming event. A lot of times, nervousness that one experiences during a public speech is not mostly about delivering the speech itself; it’s also because of the unfamiliar surroundings that causes the anxiety levels to rise.

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Know what you’re saying.

There is a great difference between being flexible with your speech and knowing what you need to talk about. Going with the flow is recommended, as you can edit some parts of your speech impromptu to make it more interesting to your listeners. However, even the pros won’t recommend going into that stage without preparing anything – it may make you feel cool whipping something up at a spur of the moment, but don’t push your luck too much. You can feel and appear more confident if you know what you’re talking about, backed with research and some preparation.

Know who you are talking to.

No matter how brilliant you think your speech is, it may appear dull and uninteresting to your listeners if they can’t relate to what you’re saying. This is why it’s really necessary to at least have a background of the people you’re talking to. Give them what they want according to how they want it – this will make the speech more targeted at them and more catered at their interests.

Take a breath and relax.

Do you know the saying that you are your own worst critic? That is really true, as many of us criticize ourselves too much for our every wrong doing. You may have skipped a point of two on your notes, or you may have been unable to click the presentation slide in time. At the end of the day, you will only be the one who will know about your mistake. Even if someone knows about your error, you shouldn’t make it matter that much. You still have more speeches to go in this lifetime – you have a lot of time on your hands to practice more and be a better speaker.

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