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Increase Consumer Engagement with Video Translations

The online world presents enormous opportunities for digital marketing. Today’s consumers are always connected through mobile devices, tablets and computers, which provide new avenues for communication. Video, in particular, has become a critical component for capturing the global consumer market, with conversion rates not found in any other medium.

While English remains the dominant language online, its users represent only a quarter of the global market. Savvy online marketers tasked with growing their client’s sales base need to look beyond the core English-language demographic. By enlisting professional translation agencies to help access these markets and localize the message, a video marketing strategy can succeed, regardless of borders.

What’s at Stake

Over 90% of online video views are done by consumers aged 18 to 34. This demographic is considered the millennials, and are often the target group for marketers. Studies show that this group already spends over $20 billion annually, with a projected lifetime expenditure of over $10 trillion. With explosive growth, recently in Asia and Southeast Asia, those numbers swell even more.

Back in the U.S., cross-cultural marketing is equally crucial. Most major urban centers are reaching critical mass for multicultural populations. The key for marketers is tapping into the growing content-sharing media platforms that consumers use.

Tapping into the Multilingual Market

The online world has truly become a content-sharing one. Over 90% of mobile users share video content with their friends and family. Speaking to this market in its own language with quality translations services is now crucial for higher engagement. YouTube, for instance, has been a market leader in this area by serving 88 countries in 75 languages.

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    Growth Hacks - How to Succeed on SOCIAL MEDIA - #BelieveLife
The millennial market demands a high level of connection to their product and services search. They want brands that speak to them directly, and they reward those companies with a brand loyalty that outstrips any other demographic.

Language translation firms have become part of a growing industry that brings marketing and branding to a new level of sharing and success. As a visual medium, video is particularly ripe for utilizing translation to connect with consumers on their own terms.

The key is tapping into the motivated market by being interesting, informative, and relatable. People want to see themselves in an advertisement or branded message. When they do, they’re willing to spread the word in every language.

Strategies that Increase Click-Thru and Sharing

When it comes to translation, video enjoys a greater flexibility than other media. Since visuals are the primary component, modifying the language expression becomes easy with a professional language translation firm on board.

Techniques can be used that fit branding and budget in various ways:

  • Dubbing Live Actors: Existing language is replaced by quality translations vocalized by a fluent actor.
  • Subtitles: Translated text appears directly on-screen.
  • Multiple Campaigns: Videos created in multiple original languages from the beginning.
  • Narrated Animation: Translated narration in local languages differs from market to market.

If language service providers are consulted from the start of marketing campaign design, they can provide advice, direction, and translations. Their suggestions can save money while rendering focus on greater R.O.I in the long run.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Video on landing pages increases conversions by 80%. Including video in email campaign increases open rates by over 90%. Driven by mobile viewing, video is poised to become 80% of all consumer online traffic.

Almost half of consumers that view a video take further action in the digital sales funnel. In conjunction with already high content sharing rates on social media, product and service providers can exploit the digital world to take down the language barrier for greater market share.

About the Author: Morningside Translations is dedicated to bridging the gap between languages and cultures through translations. With their client-focused approach, they work across industries to help professionals using the best tools in the industry and by providing the highest quality translations.

5 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram

Are you looking to increase brand-awareness, build relationships, and reach a broader audience? If so, Instagram marketing is for you. In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last couple of years, Instagram is quite a big deal in today’s marketing world. And with all right!

To understand just how powerful Instagram is, just take a look at the statistics about Instagram, because they speak quite loudly. Today, Instagram boasts over 700 million users. 70% of which report “Having already looked up a brand on the platform”.

Now, you can’t just jump into Instagram without any strategy or plan, because then you’re doomed to fail. To succeed with Instagram marketing, you need to have a strong marketing strategy and an even more powerful content strategy. Because after all, Instagram is a visually driven platform.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 ways you can spread your efforts across Instagram – and gain tremendous marketing results.

Set up an Instagram business account (and optimize it)

In May 2016, Instagram introduced business profiles. The update included new, integrated call to action buttons and Analytics, in order to make the platform better for businesses.
Let’s go through how you set up your page for sales:

Have your logo as your profile picture

Having your logo as your profile picture is essential for all businesses, and that does not only concern Instagram. Brands should have their logo on all their social media platforms.

First of all, having your logo as your profile picture across all your social media platforms makes it easy for people to instantly recognize your page. Secondly, by having your logo as your profile picture, you build your brand awareness and incorporate your logo into your brand’s image so that people will think of your brand when they see your logo.


The same principle as the profile picture goes for your username. If possible, you should have the same username across all your social channels, and preferably, your username should be the same as your brand name.

Include a website link

Instagram has been very strict with clickable links on their platform in order to crack down on spam. As a result, the only place where you can share a clickable link on Instagram (apart from private messages and Stories) is in your profile – so use it wisely.

Not only does having a website link help you get more traffic, it also helps you display your profile as more authentic. In fact, it’s a tip from Instagram themselves. Here’s what they say about that matter on their website:

“If your account doesn’t have a verified badge, there are other ways to help let people know that you’re authentic. For example, you can link to your Instagram profile from your official website, Facebook page or Twitter account.”

Write your profile bio

Your profile bio is one of the first things people will see when visiting your website, so make sure that it is appealing, interesting, and shows your brand’s personality. If you would like, you can even include a call to action if your bio to get visitors to do something.

Make sure you aren’t making your bio too promotive because if that is the first impression people get from your brand, that’s how they will remember your brand forever.

Create appealing content

Instagram is a visually driven platform, thus, content will play an important part in your marketing efforts. If you want to succeed with Instagram marketing, you need to prioritize content creating, and create content that people will love.

People hate when brands are too promotive and pushy, that’s not really news. And that’s where the content sharing plays an important role. By sharing great content, you display your products in a good light, without telling people how good they are. This is one of the benefits of Instagram marketing: letting the visuals do the talking.

Of course, sharing content that falls into the categories of being interesting, high-quality, appealing, unique, and creative all at the same time is easier said than done. However, that does by no means mean that it isn’t possible.

Share high-quality images

Investing in a good camera is essential as a business. It’s 2017 and nobody wants to see blurry or low-quality images. Stand out from a lot of people’s posts by simply investing in a better camera and learning its features.

Be unique – and don’t forget to edit your photos

On Instagram, users share over 95 million photos and videos. Daily! It goes without saying that you have to work really hard to stand out from the crowd because the competition is super tough. By sharing content that is unique, you’ve already come a long way, and how you edit your photos plays a vital role in that.

Knowing statistics regarding what type of content that gets the highest engagement on Instagram can be really helpful when creating and editing your content:

  • Bright images generate 24% more likes than dark images.
  • Images that have blue as the dominant color generate 24% more likes than images that are predominantly red.

Don’t be too promotive

As we discussed earlier, being too promotive in your photos and captions is a big no-no. Instead, you should let the content to the speaking. Share extremely good photos of your products and the images will do the marketing for you. By being too promotive, there’s a bigger chance that you will scare away your audience instead.

Run giveaways

Giveaways are one of the most effective marketing methods on Instagram, and you can see all types of businesses doing it. Obviously, the better prices you offer, the more people will join, and the better results you’ll get.

However, as a business, you should always opt for giving away products that you sell. First of all, it’s cheaper than giving away things that you don’t distribute, and second, you create an interest around your products by running a giveaway of them.

Thus leading to some of the people who don’t win the contest becoming so eager on having your product that they buy it anyway. The structure of an Instagram giveaway can look a bit differently.

One of the most effective rules of entry is to ask people to tag their friends in your post. This makes it possible for your giveaway to get a big reach quickly, and reach a lot of new potential customers.

Partner with influencers

Marketing with social media influencers has grown tremendously in popularity over the course of just a few years. And with all right of course. Studies have found that for every $1 invested in influencer marketing, brands get $6,5 in return.

Here’s how Wikipedia explains influencer marketing:

“Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.”

The keys to a successful influencer marketing are two things:

  • Finding an influencer who has a highly targeted and engaged follower base who resonates well with your brand
  • Making the campaign genuine and authentic

The explanation to why influencer marketing is able to generate such incredible results is simple. Influencers have displayed themselves as experts in their niche, leading to them becoming the go-to source for information about that particular niche. When brands (who are within the same niche) contact the influencer to ask if they would like to partner with them, they do it because the followers of the influencer are the target audience of the brand.

It sounds complicated but the principle is really simple. When the influencer then recommends the brand’s products to their audience, the audience will trust the words of the influencers since the influencer is a leader and expert in its niche, and ultimately, it will lead to a lot of people following the advice of the influencer.

Offer promotions and discounts

Studies have found that the reason why people follow brands on social media is to get access to promotions, discounts, and sales. So if you want to build a following, and have a page that makes people come back for more, using your Instagram as a distribution tool of promotions and discounts is key.

To make your Instagram page more sought-after to follow, create sales dedicated only for your Instagram followers, because ultimately, this will lead to a very high retention rate since people are waiting for more similar campaigns from your brand in the future.

About the author:
Jens Wirdenius is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of and the influencer directory Veloce Network.

He is a social media and marketing nut, sharing his passion for business in his articles.

How Is Technology Changing Advertising?

Technology is transforming the way marketing is done as people become more exposed to it than ever. Several advertising firms are facing the brunt of this transformation, as they have to keep up with the pace with which technology is inventing itself.
The major challenge that brands face is to be able to connect to its target audience via all the devices in real time in order create campaigns that work across various communication channels.

Advertising has become more competitive and tougher than ever before. Advertising agencies are compelled to come up with strategies that help brands interact with their customers as directly and personally as possible. With the real time interaction feature being used by brands to reach out to their customers have completely altered the nature of marketing. There is a huge challenge for getting creative marketers to work alongside the technical staff.

There are 3 aspects where the marketing has been transformed in digital terms- Speed, relevance and reach. Digital marketing has obviously increased the speed with which the content reaches the audience. But not only has it affected the speed, but also the relevancy of the content as well. Campaign messages can be targeted with laser focus on the target audience, making content available to only those who have the potential to convert to regular customers. The reach has also grown exponentially because of the number of ways a brand can reach out to its target audience is abundant. This is where the real skill & expertise of the creative firms come into play. They are responsible for coming up with clutter-breaking, innovative ways to advertise a brand and create an impact in the market.

  • How Foursquare technology is changing advertising
    YouTube Video
    How Foursquare technology is changing advertising
The challenge that the marketing agencies face is to always be updated with the latest developments in the technologies and also to make their work smarter in order to keep up with the fast paced, and relevant digital campaigns. They must work closely with the digital experts who would help them in strategizing their digital campaigns. One of the very important qualities that an advertising agency must possess is of curiosity. Curiosity will lead to learning about new technologies with an open mind, and help in creating some kick-ass campaigns.

Lastly, a marketer or a creative agency will have to accept this change and know that only those who can balance this digital advancement along with delivering excellent work for their clients, will survive in this industry.

Bio– Tarun is a Content Manager at Brandbazooka. His expertise lies in content marketing and creative branding. He has an experience of writing for a variety of industries including the Advertising and branding, and his work has appeared in publications such as the Huffington Post, Techinasia and Growthhackers. Contac him at Facebook

Top 4 Startup Trends for 2017 – #Cashless, #Coworking, #Bootstrapping, #MadeinIndia

It’s kind of hard to predict what’s going to happen to the startup scene in India this year, but I’ll take a chance and make some informed predictions. One big issue that’s affected everyone is demonetization, so no points for guessing that #cashless startups that help your business go digital in any way will be one of the startup trends for 2017. Here are some trends for the future which may serve to motivate you to read further.

Top Startup Trends for 2017 – #Cashless

This was the year when small card readers, mobile payment systems and apps, ecommerce site developers and other such providers finally stopped searching for work. They spend their time now by completing the huge backlog of work accumulated by the two hard and cold months of winter. That’s why #cashless startups will be the ones showing the biggest gains this year, and many of them will go on to become large companies in a year or two. It’s a good bet that there’s a Flipkart or Infosys in there somewhere.

Top Startup Trends for 2017 – #Coworking

Another big trend for startups, especially those in the big metro cities in India, is to avoid keeping staff cooped up in offices from 9-5. They’re giving their startups all the freedom needed to work from anywhere, at any time. This has led to a boom in co-working spaces in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other major cities.

New startup founders want to be a part of the scene in the tech hubs, but they can’t afford the rent. The alternative is to co-work from one of the shared spaces in these hubs. You don’t get your own private office, but you do have a good business address, desk space to work from anytime you want, free wifi, and meeting rooms in case you have a meeting with a client or your own team.

Top Startup Trends for 2017 – #Bootstrapping

Yet another trend for startups this year is to avoid taking funding and go #cashless, but in a different way – by #bootstrapping. Looking at how Stayzilla and others are facing heat after taking and spending millions from investors, many startup founders are now figuring out that it may be better to bootstrap by funding operations through sales revenue.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend only what you earn. You can invest your own personal funds as seed funding. The idea of bootstrapping is to avoid talking on debt or bringing in outside investors. If you only spend your own money and what you earn from sales, then you have no obligation to bankers, sundry lenders and/or investors. It’s a clean and neat way to run a startup, and the startup ecosystems in the country are now mature enough to support bootstrap startups even without funding.

Top Startup Trends for 2017 – #MadeinIndia

Speaking of startup support, the Govt. of India has recently stepped up support for startups in many ways. There’s a Rs. 10,000 crore corpus Fund of Funds that was launched to support the various programmes under the Startup India initiative. The government is also actively trying to prop up the manufacturing sector through incentives being provided under initiatives such as Make in India and #MadeinIndia. With so much money under different government initiatives flowing into startups that produce 100% local made products, you can expect a huge number of them trying to portray themselves as a part of the #MadeinIndia brigade, if only to get the government benefits.

It all ties in very nicely. Government support for #bootstrapped startups located in #coworking spaces, helping small businesses go #cashless and proud to be #MadeinIndia

Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Networks for Mobile Marketing

According to some research, 91% of cell phone users keep their cell phones with them all day.  That translates to a text message being by 97% of cell phone users within 5 minutes of receiving it.  This means, therefore, that if you advertise or market via mobile ways, you will dramatically increase your potential market.  

Combining the greatest sources of market pool (social media) with the fastest advertisement and marketing media (mobile phones and other telecommunication devices) equals a blast of positive advantages right at the tip of every mobile phone user.  And that’s just like being able to bring your goods to reach the whole wide world in a split of a second with guaranteed results in a short span of time.

Now let us examine the top 5 social media networks that can be perfect partners to any of your traditional marketing ideas:

1. Foursquare

Foursquare pioneered the use of GPS and Wi-Fi positioning to know the locations and check-ins of those using their mobile devices such as smart phones.  With over six billion check-ins and millions more every day, Foursquare estimates over 1.7 million of business that use their Merchant Platform as of May 2014.  We can just imagine the quality of the tools they develop regularly to keep every customer and fans engaged with the businesses and merchants they work with.

2. Facebook

Facebook promises you all the right people and an average of 91% intended audience reach for you to meet your business goals.  Who can question that when Facebook is on three of every four smart phones and more than half of people in the world on Facebook visit the site every day?  What’s even more beautiful with their business platform is that they offer marketing solutions for every purpose, be it increasing online sales or launching a new product. Need I say more?

3. Twitter

Twitter boasts not only its number of active users but its unique proposition in terms of marketing which is absolutely what makes them a cut from the rest – marketing with precision.  Traffic isn’t traffic at all if a business has not reached its desired demographics.  Twitter promises every business or merchant partner the right people to connect with.  Twitter’s marketing solutions provide ways on how to reach the targeted market and to be able to track or monitor every move you make along the way.  My personal favourite? Those cute hash tags, embedded tweets, mobile apps, and loveable buttons.  

4. Google+

  • Social Media Marketing Explained in 11 Minutes - Gary Vaynerchuk | Business Talk
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    Social Media Marketing Explained in 11 Minutes - Gary Vaynerchuk | Business Talk

Google+ just surfaced amidst all these craze in all other social media networks.  But it’s catching up with all other media for mobile marketing.  If other social media networks allow businesses to find the right audience or market for their products and services, Googl+ do it the other way around.  With Google+, be found by customers across Google.  Considering that 97% of consumers search for local businesses, desired products, and much-needed services online, Google+ page connects local and even worldwide businesses or merchants with customers no matter what device they are using. Cool isn’t it?

5. LinkedIn

Ever since LinkedIn was created, I’m pretty sure almost all of us can describe its overall appeal in just one word – professional.  Extending that to the corporate work, LinkedIn marketing solutions aim to build relationships on the world’s largest professional network.  Unlike Twitter that promises customer targeting with precision, LinkedIn helps their business or merchant partners target high quality with accuracy.  Professional as it is, LinkedIn promotes engagement by making sure that every updates, advertisement, and all other content posted reach specific audiences with relevant messages.  Furthermore, unlike all other social media networks, LinkedIn’s range of APIs and plugins are powerful tools to deepen engagement with your audience and share relevant content on and off our network.  It’s like 24/7 marketing!

It’s funny that these successful social media networks founded their success on every single individual’s boredom.   Oftentimes, we access our mobile phones and immediately login into our social media account to either share our boredom, alleviate our boredom, or to simply entertain ourselves.  Without us knowing it, we are already one of those targeted audience, market, or customers.  Marketing starts here.  With mobile marketing used appropriately, spectacular returns can be achieved at a modest cost.

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