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Increase Consumer Engagement with Video Translations

The online world presents enormous opportunities for digital marketing. Today’s consumers are always connected through mobile devices, tablets and computers, which provide new avenues for communication. Video, in particular, has become a critical component for capturing the global consumer market, with conversion rates not found in any other medium.

While English remains the dominant language online, its users represent only a quarter of the global market. Savvy online marketers tasked with growing their client’s sales base need to look beyond the core English-language demographic. By enlisting professional translation agencies to help access these markets and localize the message, a video marketing strategy can succeed, regardless of borders.

What’s at Stake

Over 90% of online video views are done by consumers aged 18 to 34. This demographic is considered the millennials, and are often the target group for marketers. Studies show that this group already spends over $20 billion annually, with a projected lifetime expenditure of over $10 trillion. With explosive growth, recently in Asia and Southeast Asia, those numbers swell even more.

Back in the U.S., cross-cultural marketing is equally crucial. Most major urban centers are reaching critical mass for multicultural populations. The key for marketers is tapping into the growing content-sharing media platforms that consumers use.

Tapping into the Multilingual Market

The online world has truly become a content-sharing one. Over 90% of mobile users share video content with their friends and family. Speaking to this market in its own language with quality translations services is now crucial for higher engagement. YouTube, for instance, has been a market leader in this area by serving 88 countries in 75 languages.

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The millennial market demands a high level of connection to their product and services search. They want brands that speak to them directly, and they reward those companies with a brand loyalty that outstrips any other demographic.

Language translation firms have become part of a growing industry that brings marketing and branding to a new level of sharing and success. As a visual medium, video is particularly ripe for utilizing translation to connect with consumers on their own terms.

The key is tapping into the motivated market by being interesting, informative, and relatable. People want to see themselves in an advertisement or branded message. When they do, they’re willing to spread the word in every language.

Strategies that Increase Click-Thru and Sharing

When it comes to translation, video enjoys a greater flexibility than other media. Since visuals are the primary component, modifying the language expression becomes easy with a professional language translation firm on board.

Techniques can be used that fit branding and budget in various ways:

  • Dubbing Live Actors: Existing language is replaced by quality translations vocalized by a fluent actor.
  • Subtitles: Translated text appears directly on-screen.
  • Multiple Campaigns: Videos created in multiple original languages from the beginning.
  • Narrated Animation: Translated narration in local languages differs from market to market.

If language service providers are consulted from the start of marketing campaign design, they can provide advice, direction, and translations. Their suggestions can save money while rendering focus on greater R.O.I in the long run.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Video on landing pages increases conversions by 80%. Including video in email campaign increases open rates by over 90%. Driven by mobile viewing, video is poised to become 80% of all consumer online traffic.

Almost half of consumers that view a video take further action in the digital sales funnel. In conjunction with already high content sharing rates on social media, product and service providers can exploit the digital world to take down the language barrier for greater market share.

About the Author: Morningside Translations is dedicated to bridging the gap between languages and cultures through translations. With their client-focused approach, they work across industries to help professionals using the best tools in the industry and by providing the highest quality translations.

Professional Language Translators – Top Considerations in Looking for One

The influence of globalization has sparked the need for language translation, especially in the field of business. Language translators have sprouted in all corners of the world to aid business processes and transactions. Countless companies and individuals have been dependent in language translators to mobilize their businesses. That is why it is a must to hire a reliable language translator to make your business transactions successful. In hiring a professional language translator, an individual or a company should consider the following:

  • The language fluency level needed for the work to be done. There are multilingual or bilingual people who are better in writing than speaking a specific language. Some are better in speaking than in writing or reading. With that, if the translator would only need to translate documents and other files, get a professional translator that is particularly skillful in reading and writing. If the service needed is for conversations only, it is better to get a translator that is fluent or conversational in speaking even though he or she is not that skillful in reading or writing.
  • The existing certifications under the name of the professional translator. If this professional translator is what he or she claims to be, he or she must be able to prove it! Ask him or her to present an official document of her language proficiency level. If it is a translation company, all the more reason why they should prove their credibility.
  • The translation tools used. Yes, it is a must that the translator is fluent, but it doesn’t mean that they should not use tools to help them in the translation process. Tools are very helpful and handy. They make the translation easier, more reliable, faster, and accurate.
  • The familiarity of the translator to the terms that they are going to translate. This is one of the trickiest parts. People think that translators can always translate whatever word you feed them. That is not true! There are always words that are not familiar with them such as technical, social, urban, and other terms that are not in the standard vocabularies. Therefore, when hiring a translator or a translation company, check their familiarity with the field they will be working.
  • The translation package they offer. This is where money is involved. The translation package should be attractive and affordable. If the translation work would include documents, consider the rate of their translation per page, per sheet, per project, per word, per paragraph, or per file depending on how they set their package. If the work involves personal translations, consider their rates per hour, per day, or per event. The package should come at a reasonable price.
  • The feedback from their past clients. Professional translators must have had many customers already. Score the internet. Search for their past customers that can give you helpful, honest, and unbiased feedback. Their past clients would be able to give you tips not just about their performance but also about how they are as business partners. Bear in mind that language translators are bridges to your foreign clients. Thus, they should be able to produce quality work.
  • Last but not the least, consider the delivery timeframe. Time is gold! The time duration of when a translation work finishes depends on a lot of factors. Look for an individual or a company that can deliver you the translation works on time. Fast delivery plus quality output means that you have chosen a productive and reliable professional translator.
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The Philippines has been known globally not just for having fluent English speakers but also for having skillful multilingual professionals. Companies offering translation works for various languages like Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, French, English, and many more languages present all around the country. Filipino translators are known to produce high-quality translation works in a given short period. Perhaps that is why Filipinos have been on the top list together with the Indians regarding translation services.
It is not hard to find an individual or a company to do your translation works here in the Philippines. The challenging part is to find the most reliable one. With that, following the tips mentioned above is a must. Money is precious. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a crappy translation work. Find the best language translator in town!

Author Bio
Raphael Rico Zamora is a Filipino Blogger, and a digital marketing enthusiast at Optimind Technology Solutions. It is a company that develops mobile apps, SEO, and web design company in the Philippines.

Hiring Translation Services – Do’s and Don’ts

Decades ago, the need to translate was never as prolific as the ones we see today. Before, companies can hire independent translators who work with them in a limited period of time. Now, with various businesses going global, the need to hire agencies who can take charge of bulk translation at the shortest span of time is necessary.
If you are someone who is looking to hire one, it’s vital that you know the do’s and don’ts in getting the right service. Below is a short checklist you can use.


Be specific on your needs

Prior to hiring a translation service, you should first make a list of the specifics you wish to have. What are the items you want to translate? Will it only be limited to text or will there be video and audio content?
Defining this ahead of time will save more time, which of course means that you will also save money.

Get a list of the most competent translation service in your area

Rather than focusing on one company alone, it’s more advantageous if you find two or three more options. This way, you will have an easier means of assessing the efficiency of a service. It is also vital when it comes to striking a comparison between their service package. Go for those who can give you the output you need.

Assess the total cost

Money is always an issue in any kind of company. As you work on searching for services, do not forget to verify their individual cost as well. How much are they charging you? Compare it with your budget plan and see if its within your reach. There are services which really cost high. It is always advisable to stay within your budget. If there is really a need to exceed, make sure you consider the other areas on your business that will be affected by the shift of money allocation.

Verify the specific inclusions of the service

Lastly, know the details of what you are paying for. What does the translation service cover? This greatly affects the costing so it’s important that you check the work they can do for you. Needless to say, you should go for those who can give you what you need. Anything extra would only mean added cost on your part.


Avoid relying mainly on the ads you see online

It’s easy to get attracted by all those stunning ads you see online. However, you must always remember that just like any other businesses, advertising agencies have vested interest in creating those memorable publicity stunts. As the client, your judgment should not only focus on what you see on the mainstream media.
You must take all the information you see with a grain of salt and work on verifying the data yourself. This way, you can guarantee that the service you pay for is able and competent enough to deliver the task you have for them.

Refrain from choosing those with no solid experience

You might be surprised when you find out that there are actually a lot of translation agencies offering their service online. Selecting just one from the pool of options can take time. This is why asking for references and working profile matter.
To be safe, refrain from dealing with those entities who cannot show you proof of their efficient track record in the industry.

Do not hire those that do not have valid business permits

Last but one that is often taken for granted is the checking of business permit. This permit is a proof that the company is working on legal terms. It’s also an indication that they operate on the specific standards set for their industry.

There is no shortcut in getting the best men on board your team. It takes considerable amount of time and effort to sift through your options and decide which of them works best. Be reminded with the list of do’s and don’ts and find the best translation services Philippines!