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Fearless Public Speaking

This is a 11,500+ word e-book which will give you valuable insights on how to become a confident, suave & persuasive speaker. When you purchase Fearless Public Speaking, you will discover why you fear speaking in public. This knowledge will help you understand yourself and quickly overcome your apprehension during a verbal communication. You will also discover the various types of public speaking fears and how to convert your fears into your strengths.

Once you acquire the knowledge of this “fear factor”, then I will present you some effective fear management techniques such as how to drain excessive adrenalin out of your system. Boosting your “feel-good” factor by eating the right food will also be discussed. Not to forget effective breathing techniques too..

Moving on, we will discuss why it is important to know your stuff and do your homework prior to a public presentation. We will also talk about what precise research needs to be done. This good habit will propel you speaking glory and make you a successful orator.

Learn success visualization methods to motivate yourself and your audience. Once you know this secret technique, speaking with conviction, passion and sincerity will come easily to you. You will gravitate towards becoming a confident and persuasive motivational speaker. In the process, I will impart with you how to get into the right frame of mind before a presentation.

In reading this book you will discover how to speak convincingly and the kind of topics to avoid. Building rapport with your audience will be a “walk-in-the-park” and you will no longer be scared of them. I will share on how to use the appropriate words to convert your ‘enemies’ into friends.

If you are an executive who needs to do a high powered professional presentation, no worries. I will share ideas on dressing to impress and how to rehearse your speech without over doing it. If a Powerpoint presentation is part of your presentation, you will learn how to become the “master” of your presentation.

Hehe, I’ve got at unorthodox lung exercise for you to increase the power of your voice 🙂 Read this advanced public speaking guide and let me know if it works for you too. It will uplift you in your business presentations and your social life too. Nervousness will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

There is a topic on beta blockers and pills to calm your nerves as well. Will it really solve your problem? Well, you’ve got to read it to find out. Learn closely guarded secrets on what to do during a mental blackout. Apart from that, you will master the natural laws of good memory too.

Do you need to handle questions and answers in your workshop or seminar presentations? I’m sure you would. I will teach you the art & rules of handling a Q&A session. Once you know the elements of a good question and answer session, you will no longer be nervous or afraid of handling one.

Finally, I have proposed some further readings for you such as Dale Carnegie, Achim Nohawk and Cheryl Hamilton. This is to ensure that your lifelong desire to improve your public speaking skills are not short lived. May you allow the essential and fundamental knowledge of public speaking to permeate every cell of your being. Motivate yourself and your audience by brushing up your oral communication skills using the guidelines stated in this resourceful e-book.

Fearless Public Speaking

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Reviews from world public speaking champions

Robert Ram is an accomplished speaker, trainer and coach. He shares his ideas generously and his experience together with his exposure enhances his theories. This book will be an asset to anyone seeking to improve their daily conversations and public speaking. It is a valuable personal development tool! Robert, I like your book 🙂

Stephen Fernando

Past Toastmasters District Champion of International Speech, Humorous and Evaluation Contests.

This book focuses on the specific area of public speaking ie “Fear of Public Speaking” and will be a motivation to anyone. Your chapter on “Practice Makes Professionals” is perhaps the best part of the book.

K. Loghandran

World Award Winner in Public Speaking
1993 – Toastmasters World Taped Speech Champion
2008 – Ist Runner up Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking
Author – The Silent Workshop of World Champions

Robert Ram writes as an insider – one who has mastered the art of public speaking through experience. Being an accomplished speaker himself, Robert understands the internal turmoil and fears of a speaker. Unlike many public speaking books, which are technical in nature, Robert provides a fresh perspective – public speaking as an expression of human connection.

Let me cite some insightful lines…

On the essence of public speaking – “Public speaking is, after all an emotional connection between speaker, audience and subject”
On the ‘unfounded’ fear of people – “In the overwhelming majority of cases, you are standing in front of a group of people who actually want you to succeed”
On communication rather than performing – “it is better to connect with the audience and really communicate, rather than trying to deal with a text by rigorously ‘performing’ it”

Ravi Devadass

Principal Consultant

The book is simple and enjoyable to read, easy to comprehend and a practical approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking once you understand the source it is coming from. This book is a must for those still seeking the answers to overcoming the fear in public speaking.

Ramdas Nayar, Distinguished Toastmaster

Past District Governor of Peninsular Malaysia (District 51), Toastmasters International.

Value Added Bonus Ebooks For You valued at $90
You will receive the following free e-books (worth $90) which will jump start your public speaking journey:-

Argumentation Public Speaking

A FREE e-book on how to use argumentation in a speech without being adversarial

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Argumentation Public Speaking – 1600+ words
This FREE e-book speaks on how to incorporate argumentation in a presentation. You will learn how to use argumentation in a speech without being adversarial. Argumentation Public Speaking will teach you how to add value to your listeners and convert your “enemies” into loyal and supportive friends. You will discover how to build rapport, uplift your confidence and inspire your audience convincingly

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Cut to the Chase

A FREE e-book on how to get to the point without beating around the bush

Bonus Download

Cut to The Chase – 2000+ words
This FREE e-book speaks on how to get to the point quickly. Many non native English speakers have the habit of beating around the bush before getting to the point. This happens because they are thinking in their mother tongue and translating it into English as they speak. The knowledge gained here will enable your presentations to look polished and professional. You will come across as an advanced public speaker. Cut to The Chase will teach you how to do exactly that; how to cut to the chase 🙂

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Vocal Public Speaking

A FREE e-book on how to captivate your audience using your voice

Bonus Download

Vocal Public Speaking – 2800+ words
Your voice is your ‘musical instrument’. In this FREE article, I will teach you how to enthrall your listeners with your melodious voice. A clean and clear voice is what you might need to make your overall verbal communication effective. For many reasons, verbal communication greatly depends upon the quality of the voice a verbal communication deliverer possesses. So, having a clear voice is a plus point to be an effective and attractive leader. Being a speech deliverer, you have to use your voice effectively. Your communications skills will improve tremendously using the essential strategies in this handy e-book. As such, the tips in Vocal Public Speaking will enable you to command a clear voice for your verbal communication.

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Organized Public Speaking

A FREE ebook on how to incorporate an opening, body & conclusion in your speech

Bonus Download

Organized Public Speaking – 1600+ words
Information consists of a fact or a handful of facts; knowledge is organized information. Knowledge knows a fact in relation to other facts. In this FREE article, I will share my expertise on how to organize your speech. A properly organized speech becomes knowledge 🙂 Well organized speeches are easier to understand and remember. It adds to your credibility and it is more pleasing to listen to. This guide will give you good tips on how to present in public effectively. Organized Public Speaking will serve you well in your next presentation.

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Managing Stage Fright

A FREE ebook on how to control your nerves & keep calm on stage

Bonus Download

Managing Stage Fright – 2300+ words
Facing the addressees is a work of valor which many people try to keep away from at all. They feel reserved in facing the addressees more than ever when the addressees are enormous in figure. In this article, I will share a story of how a successful public speaker once grappled with stage fright. You will understand what makes us fearful of our audience. Specific methods will be presented to you to cast out fears once and for all. Turn the tables on your apprehension during a verbal communication. Convert them into your strengths. This article will also teach you what to eat in order to feel happy 🙂 Once you have read Managing Stage Fright you will acquire the tools to assume mastery over your audience.

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My Iron Clad Guarantee to You

I assure you that if you follow the guideline I prescribe, you will be able to deliver your speeches confidently. Your audience will simply love you. They will keep talking about your speech long after its over. You will see them nodding their heads in agreement as you speak.

If you are not convinced of my assurances, return these e-books within 14 days and you can have your money back in full with no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee

You will get the following bonus e-books:-
Cut to The Chase
Vocal Public Speaking
Managing Stage Fright
Organized Public Speaking
Argumentation Public Speaking