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Accepting An Award – Julia Roberts


Here’s a good example of how to accept an award with dignity and grace. The recipient (Julia Roberts) is sincere in her “thank you’s” to all that have helped her to be a success. She gives due recognition and respect to the people who have helped her by mentioning their names sincerely. This is Julia’s first Academy Award, and her third nomination. She was nominated in this category for Pretty Woman, and for her supporting role in Steel Magnolias.

Excerpt of Speech

Oh. Thank you thank you ever so much. I am so happy, thank you. I have a television, so I am going to spend some time here to tell you some things. And, Sir, you are doing a great job; you are so quick with that stick, so why don’t you sit, because I may never be here again. I would like to start with telling you all how amazing the…

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Accepting An Award


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