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Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t Matter


This is an election campaign speech. The speech title “Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t Matter” is repeated several times during the speech in order to brand the “war cry”. The speech uses both logic and emotion to move the audience into action. This speech helps the audience to see the bigger picture of what the election campaign is all about. It makes the listeners feel that they are doing something very important for their country. It has got a superb call to action in the end.

Excerpt of Speech

But understand this argument about words not mattering. The most important thing that we can do right now is to re-engage the American people in the process of governance. To get them excited and interested again in what works and what can work in our government. To make politics cool again, and important again, and relevant…

Speech Type

Persuasive / Inspiration / Motivation / Invocation


9 minutes

File Format

Text (.txt) file

Suggested Presentation Style

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to present this speech.

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