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Rich Little – Stand Up Comedy


This is a stand-up comedy. Speeches of this nature are suitable for after dinner events where the audience would most likely be groggy from excessive food in their stomachs. The speech emphasizes on mimicry / impressionism in order to entertain the audience. There are many one liner jokes to keep the session light and easy.

Excerpt of Speech

Regis, who is D Martin? You know I’ve been doing impressions for a long, long, long time and I think the key to staying on top is to keep your act fresh, to come up with new people all the time. People like Dr. Phill. I know that, that, that you know that, that I know that, that, that you know and If you knew that I knew, that I…

Speech Type

Funny / Entertaining / Humorous


5.5 minutes

File Format

Text (.txt) file

Suggested Presentation Style

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to present this speech.

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