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Testimonial Keynote Speech 1


This testimonial is suitable for an awareness campaign / fundraiser / commencement of an event. The speech establishes common ground with the audience from the very beginning. It heavily emphasizes on touching the audience hearts using emotions. It also serves to give hope and courage to the listeners.

Excerpt of Speech

My name is Lisa LeDonne and I’m a breast cancer survivor. I’m a new survivor, I was diagnosed cancer in December last year. The news came three days after Christmas. It was a dreadful time. This is my story: My mother is a breast cancer survivor. In January she’ll be 5 years cancer-free. So I knew in the back of my mind, that it was a…

Speech Type

Keynote Address


5.2 minutes

File Format

Text (.txt) file

Suggested Presentation Style

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to present this speech.

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