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Turning 30


Here’s a good example of an funny / entertaining / humorous speech. This is a winning speech at a speech contest. The speech is about one’s frustrations about not being married after crossing the 30 year old mark. The speech convinces the listeners look on the bright side of life in any given situation.

Excerpt of Speech

17th January, 2010, the Mumbai Marathon, and I am running for my mom’s NGO. Such a nice guy, know? And then I see these gorgeous college girls cheering me on. One of them even comes up to me, you know I am impressed, starry eyed, “You are so amazing…Uncle.” Uncle! I tried to look cool. But I felt like a fool. Have you…

Speech Type

Funny / Entertaining / Humorous


7 minutes

File Format

Text (.txt) file

Suggested Presentation Style

Watch the video below to get an idea on how to present this speech.

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