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5 Marketing Apps for Aggressive Campaigns

Applications are all around nowadays, they are all over Android, Apple, desktops, laptops and indeed, even in your marketing and promoting programme! What’s more, the usefulness of these applications is perpetually extending, which is uplifting news for advertisers, on the grounds that it implies you can now download an application that accomplishes more than simply downloading messengers and games. The truth is out -now there are applications out there that make an advertiser’s life less demanding, and even improve them at their employments. As an advertiser and fanatic of researching new applications, I needed to impart to you the applications that make advertisers more fruitful at, marketing and promoting their products.

For that purpose, we have listed a few applications that you can utilize for your marketing campaigns:


This application gives an online networking dashboard that helps advertisers post, screen, and measure their online networking tools for social media. It permits you to pre-schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ whenever you want, and provide insights. All the data they provide in a simple click are crucial for advertisers to have the capacity to report and make sense of how to expand their traffic and convert them. E-commerce companies like FlipKart can use these for their FlipKart mobile application and profit great amount from it and probably they use this as well.


Now you can edit or upgrae your documents on Google docs with GoDocs. This is not an authority Google application, but rather despite everything it meets expectations truly well to get to your Google Docs. It sorts your reports by the last one that was altered and permits you to see the whole record. In case you’re taking a shot at a spreadsheet with different tabs, it incorporates the greater part of the tabs too.


Evernote is an approach to maintain your notes while you’re travelling. However, there a desktop application, as well as a versatile mobile application as well. So, when you open either gadget, it will adjust and redesign your notes so that you generally have entry to your most recent data. The capacity to always have a virtual scratch pad like this is very crucial for marketing campaigns.


This application gives clients the capacity to allot other colleagues assignments on their rundown, and give due dates and need names to undertakings on your rundown. You can likewise have agendas inside of individual undertakings and keep tabs on your development on finishing those errands. You can find it both as a site application and an Android application. So when you are leaving work and need to realize what despite everything you have to finish, you can simply snatch your phone, and doodle the application.

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This is a phenomenal device for document sharing; it’s so straightforward! It turns into an organizer and virtual hard drive where you can transfer data and offer them with others on your group. Likewise, there is an option to download the Dropbox applications on your cell phone and iPad so you can have those records on the go. Yet, the best part about Dropbox is that you can keep documents that are too vast to send by means of email, and quickly offer access to different colleagues. This application can likewise be utilized on any gadget.


Several online shopping sites in India use these applications for their marketing purposes and if you are a marketer or an owner of a company that is looking forward to better insights and aggressive marketing, advertising and promotional controls then these tools will definitely be of great use to you. What makes a great marketer is his lead generation ideas which can come to you at any point of time. Whether you are in the restroom or travelling in metro so its better to be prepared and these tools always manage to serve this ultimate purpose.

Presenting Without Slides

These days, many presentations are made with the help of PowerPoint or Prezi slides. There are also teachers and lecturers who use these applications to spice up their presentations. Depending on the nature of the presentation, not having slides can be quite boring. This is because the presentation will become monotonous, with no visual aids to help clarify the presenter’s points. Slides usually provide a fresh outlook for the audience and will also give the crowd some visual explanations to the points that are being told.

However, in certain circumstances, you simply can’t use slides due to technical or logistical constraints. Your laptop may have broken down or a projector is unavailable. You may be presenting your talk in a restaurant over dinner where it’s simply not practical to conduct a PowerPoint presentation.

As such, if you decide not to use slides, it is very important that you use some creativity to enhance your presentation. This creativity will keep your audience interested and focused on the presentation. The primary consideration that has to be remembered to give a good presentation without slides is to know precisely what you are going to talk about. If you are well versed with the subject you intend to talk about, you should be able to present it without slides.

Hmm..easier said than done, eh? In all fairness to the usage of slides, it does make your job of explaining complex matters in an easy way. Slides will help you to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time too. If you choose not to use slides, then you’ll have to keep your presentations short and simple.

Without slides, you will most likely need to rely on picture painting words, flip charts, props and probably a whiteboard too. These alternative ‘tools’ will help give clarity to your audience. It does not matter if your props are large, small, funny or serious, as long as it relates to the point that you are trying to make and that the audience see it!

Ensure that you see, hear and feel (in your mind) what exactly it is that you want your audience to also see, hear and feel. Your vocal tonality will also help to enhance your presentations in the absence of slides. One good way of presenting without the help of slides is to tell a story, or an anecdote that has universal appeal. When telling stories, you will be able to utilize vocal variety, vivid imagery and other types of visual aids to engage the audience

Practice, practice, practise. Rehearse your speech as often as possible. I generally rehearse a five minute speech for one hour in order to get it right. Your rehearsals will make you look polished and will serve as a confidence booster while speaking. Only practice can make you a successful speaker, and this is one task that cannot be delegated to anyone else.

Remember that when you are not using slides, you are the visual aid of the presentation. Your audience will gain more interest in what you say, instead of your visuals, fancy slides or overheads. So basically, without PowerPoint or Prezi, it is important that you be more confident and well versed in your speech. Always remember that you are the master and your slides (if you choose to use them) are your slaves. You must be able to perform equally well with or without your slides because YOU ARE THE MASTER!

I wish you the very best in your next presentation. Good luck 🙂