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Most people do not have a huge amount of capital to start a business. Here are 10 most profitable small scale business ideas and opportunities in India with low investment and high profit.

#1. Video Conference & Boardroom Facilities

Many Small and Medium Enterprises do not have a video conference or boardroom facility. With new growth opportunities in most of the organizations and people starting to work from home , If you have a smart space to work, capital, and expertise to make board room or video conference facility you can plan to make money out of it.

#2. Medical Tour Services

Compared with Foreign country medical expenses in India are quite less. This is why many foreign nationals come to India for surgeries or medical treatment. You can plan to make service firm to provide services for visiting foreign nationals for medical treatment in India. Practo is one of the best examples now which helps you to get an appointment easily as well.

#3. Social Media Services

Since social media plays a big role in business many companies look for a professional to help out with marketing on those. You can plan to start your own company which can do surrogate writing for businesses, posting on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter accounts etc.

#4. Event Coordinator

With India being a diversified Country, there are so many occasions & festivals people celebrate. Time being one of the major constraint with toilsome coordination either with the people who ‘re renting out venue or doing the decor or handling invites or return gifts. Existence of Event coordinators have made it all so easy. It is like a one stop solution to handle everything you can think. This is in fact one of the best low cost investment business you can start off ‘if’ you have a knack of it.

#5. Physiotherapy at Home

Even if you ‘re not a physiotherapist yourself it doesn’t matter. All that matters is-if you can get them onboard with you on one platform to provide care for individuals who need it.
It is minimal investment where all you need is a laptop with working wifi to coordinate & a phone line. Since people who ‘re injured or not in a position to travel for physiotherapy to clinics, it has become easy with ‘physio at home’ option. Portea with headquarters is leading example of this.

#6. Start Your Own Blog

If you have a passion for something to write about (could be make up, cooking, doing interiors, taking care of your kids,shopping, literally anything) get started with writing a blog. Just write everyday, market yourself, leave some place on your blog for advertising for when you get lot more subscribers to read & BINGO! You’re already making money, with minimal investment & no additional costs.

#7. Anything Organic

From Organic Marketing Firms, to making organic pickles or honey or even soil – You can start this one business with very low investment. Since a lot of people are switching to Organic produce, there is copious demand. All you need to do is make your product, get it ISI marked, send it for sampling to good stores & there you go! Mango Tree is one of the best sellers for Organic Honey & have recently tied up with Godrej’s Nature’s Basket to keep their product on shelves in their store.

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#8. One stop for all Home Needs

Since time is a constraint we prefer calling for services at home. It saves a lot of time and hassle of going for one thing somewhere and the other somewhere else.
With minimal investment if you can develop an app which is service based, like carpentry, electrician, house cleaners, car mechanics, beauticians or any form of legal services. Serving it all on one platform will be an easy solution to customer based requirements. Urbanclap is one of the successful examples of this business

#9. Public Speaking

If you have the flair of eloquence, then you might want to start a public speaking business. You can successfully run this business whether you are a stay at home mother or a working lady. The idea is to be able to keep your listeners spellbound at events which a lot of companies keep having around the year.

#10. Classes for Kids

Every mother wants a break from the monotony of daily handling her child. Starting a business to look after kids when they’re 2 years plus with reliable staff or handling kids once they’re back from school while their folks are away at work can be a good Idea. Even if you wish to skip the creche route you can always look forward to some other ways of sustaining business like keeping them busy in the evening by having dance classes, storytelling, teaching gymnastics, swimming, acting, piano, anything you are comfortable with should be good.

This is the list of time tested and profit making businesses that you can engage in if you willing to start a business of your own or even if you are at stay at home mom, wanting to kick start something new. However, it is mandatory that adequate research is done on this area effectively so that you launch well equipped.

Indhu Pavul, Masters Degree holder specialized in HR and Marketing. Writing and Training is her forte. She handles sessions for Management and Engineering students. Her grandma is the biggest blessing of her life. Loves to interact and available in twitter @indhushivi.