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Increase Consumer Engagement with Video Translations

The online world presents enormous opportunities for digital marketing. Today’s consumers are always connected through mobile devices, tablets and computers, which provide new avenues for communication. Video, in particular, has become a critical component for capturing the global consumer market, with conversion rates not found in any other medium.

While English remains the dominant language online, its users represent only a quarter of the global market. Savvy online marketers tasked with growing their client’s sales base need to look beyond the core English-language demographic. By enlisting professional translation agencies to help access these markets and localize the message, a video marketing strategy can succeed, regardless of borders.

What’s at Stake

Over 90% of online video views are done by consumers aged 18 to 34. This demographic is considered the millennials, and are often the target group for marketers. Studies show that this group already spends over $20 billion annually, with a projected lifetime expenditure of over $10 trillion. With explosive growth, recently in Asia and Southeast Asia, those numbers swell even more.

Back in the U.S., cross-cultural marketing is equally crucial. Most major urban centers are reaching critical mass for multicultural populations. The key for marketers is tapping into the growing content-sharing media platforms that consumers use.

Tapping into the Multilingual Market

The online world has truly become a content-sharing one. Over 90% of mobile users share video content with their friends and family. Speaking to this market in its own language with quality translations services is now crucial for higher engagement. YouTube, for instance, has been a market leader in this area by serving 88 countries in 75 languages.

The millennial market demands a high level of connection to their product and services search. They want brands that speak to them directly, and they reward those companies with a brand loyalty that outstrips any other demographic.

Language translation firms have become part of a growing industry that brings marketing and branding to a new level of sharing and success. As a visual medium, video is particularly ripe for utilizing translation to connect with consumers on their own terms.

The key is tapping into the motivated market by being interesting, informative, and relatable. People want to see themselves in an advertisement or branded message. When they do, they’re willing to spread the word in every language.

Strategies that Increase Click-Thru and Sharing

When it comes to translation, video enjoys a greater flexibility than other media. Since visuals are the primary component, modifying the language expression becomes easy with a professional language translation firm on board.

Techniques can be used that fit branding and budget in various ways:

  • Dubbing Live Actors: Existing language is replaced by quality translations vocalized by a fluent actor.
  • Subtitles: Translated text appears directly on-screen.
  • Multiple Campaigns: Videos created in multiple original languages from the beginning.
  • Narrated Animation: Translated narration in local languages differs from market to market.

If language service providers are consulted from the start of marketing campaign design, they can provide advice, direction, and translations. Their suggestions can save money while rendering focus on greater R.O.I in the long run.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Video on landing pages increases conversions by 80%. Including video in email campaign increases open rates by over 90%. Driven by mobile viewing, video is poised to become 80% of all consumer online traffic.

Almost half of consumers that view a video take further action in the digital sales funnel. In conjunction with already high content sharing rates on social media, product and service providers can exploit the digital world to take down the language barrier for greater market share.

About the Author: Morningside Translations is dedicated to bridging the gap between languages and cultures through translations. With their client-focused approach, they work across industries to help professionals using the best tools in the industry and by providing the highest quality translations.


Intellectual baby – product or service to a real winner, 5 Ps for the successful digital marketing strategy to steal the hearts of your customers. In this article, you will know about

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. What is digital marketing strategy?
  3. What is a Start-up?
  4. What is a Tech Start-up?
  5. What are the 5 P’s of digital marketing strategy?
    ~ Detailed explanation with real time examples.
  6. Conclusion

What is Digital Marketing?

According to BusinessDictionary, “Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.”

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

According to HubSpot, “digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goal(s) using digital marketing.”

What is a Start-up?

According to Wikipedia, “A start-up company (startup or start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.

What is a Tech Start-up?

According to FundersClub, “A tech start-up is a company whose purpose is to bring technology products or services to market. These companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways.”

5 P’s of Digital Marketing Strategy

5 ps of Digital Marketing Strategy Better Public Speaking

1. Plan:

The time and dedication involved in this step will be your game-changer. Have a SMART plan. Meaning Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based goals.

2. Position:

Positioning for a start-up is crucial as how the brand occupies the mind of the customer and how is it distinguished from other products and services. Our positioning is successful if our target audience recalls and remembers our brand. Else we have to re-position.

3. Promotion:

Heart of digital marketing strategy relies on promotion. I have briefed on different components in promotion with real time examples.

  1. SEO
    SEO is the buzzword in this digital world. It’s an untold theory that your website or blog has to rank in the first page of the SERP. If not it’s considered as a non-existent page. You can work on your own else outsource, Simple.

    Piktochart helps in creating visual stories which engages your web audience. They are also known as an app for infographics. The screenshot below proves that their is on power.
    Infographics App Better Public Speaking

  2. Email Marketing
    According to Direct Marketing Association, ROI of Email Marketing is 4,300%. As per the research, Email marketing proves the proverb – old is gold.

    Lazanda: is a premiere online shopping website in Singapore. More than an e-commerce store it’s an online revolution. floods with emails which provide lot exciting offers. It’s very tough to ignore their mailers.

  3. Social media promotions
    Social media promotion can be done with a less or no budget provided you have the internet and Laptop/PC/Smartphone. The catchy and attractive campaign has to be designed and promote it smartly. Get ready to reap its benefits.

    PurpleKnot offers live streaming packages worldwide and promotes itself by placing advertisements in YouTube videos.

  4. Special offerings
    It is nothing but providing offers which excite your target customers. It may be a newsletter, exciting discounts, vouchers etc.

    Fella Riyadh:
    Fella Riyadh is a directory app for residents and new entrants into Riyadh providing valuable insights, exciting discounts and offers.

  5. Digital PR and news
    Digital PR:
    Digital PR is a tactic used by brands to make them more visible by partnering with key content writers and online journalists.

    Dogparker provides safe mini-shelter for dogs outside shops when the owner is shopping. I came to know about them from Joseph Steinberg.

    Digital News:
    Every newspapers and news channels have their online presence through social media, website or with their own app.

    ChannelNewsAsia recently published a video about HCooks, which brings foodies and home cooks together. You can get your favourite dish straight from the home kitchen.

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: Marketing Mix Management
    YouTube Video
    Entrepreneurial Marketing: Marketing Mix Management

4. Purchase:

Successful promotion generates prospective leads. Get ready to reap the benefits of promotion by converting the leads into your customers and delight them with your product or service. If you fail, social media promotion can backfire. Meaning unsatisfied customers spread hatred in the same medium. Meaning your brand image might get destroyed.

5. Process:

And wait, we can’t quite with once the conversion is done. It’s a never ending process. It’s time to review and check and again start from step 1.

6. Conclusion:

The World rewards people who provide value. Always delight your customers rather than satisfying. My best wishes for you to shift to rapid growth stage of the business life cycle from start up phase.

Now leave your comments, which brand grabbed your attention the most through digital marketing and How?

Indhu Pavul, Masters Degree holder specialized in HR and Marketing. Writing and Training are her forte. She handles sessions for Management and Engineering students . Her grandma is the biggest blessing of her life. Loves to interact and available in twitter @indhushivi .