Practice Makes Professionals

Preparation and rehearsals are the basic foundation for an excellent speech. You should never ignore it. Practice you must as practice makes professionals. You’ve probably heard this a million times anyway. 90 percent of how well your talk will be is determined before you step on the stage. ― Somers White How to practice a speech effectively? Yes, it involves doing some weird—standing in your living room talking to no one but your furniture. However, during your practice, remember that your goal is to create an emotional connection with the Continue Reading →

Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public – 5 Reasons

Here at Better Speaking Skills, we are looking for actionable tips on improving our speaking skills. However, we don’t pay much attention to overcoming the fear of speaking in public even though it might be twice efficient. In fact, 74% of people suffer from glossophobia, aka a fear of speaking in public. Believe it or not, having this fear negatively affects your well-being, and you lose a big variety of opportunities around you. If you think that it’s hard to overcome the fear of speaking in public, you’re right. On Continue Reading →

Organizing a Speech for Effective Delivery Part 1 of 3

Organizing a speech is crucial of any speech because when you talk, an organized speech enables the listeners to “get it”. We have had experiences of hearing from speakers or people that ramble on and on. They have the tendency to go off-tangent in all directions of their speech that we find it difficult to follow and get the point. If we need to ask at the end of their presentation, “So, what’s the point you’re trying to make?” that speech most probably lacks clear organization. As a speaker yourself, Continue Reading →

The 5 Myths of Public Speaking

According to the Merriam Webster 2016 dictionary, public speaking is defined as: the act or process of making speeches in public the art of effective oral communication with an audience Definition 1 defines public speaking as making speeches in public, even though the process of making that speech goes far beyond the stage time, as it involves a lot of background preparation to deliver that speech. Definition 2 defines public speaking as an art, and specifically in oral communication, even though it involves more than just oral communication. it is Continue Reading →