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Speech Purpose and Definition

People who speak frequently probably already know what a public speech and its functions are. Nevertheless, for the benefit of new speakers, let us discover what the definition and purpose of a speech is together.

Speech is an activity of public speaking designed to achieve certain goals. Public speeches are also usually performed by people who make statements on current issues or important events.

The simplest example is our teacher’s speech in class. Every day, our teachers deliver lectures. These are speeches too. A teacher needs to be proficient in delivering learning materials so that the student is able to absorb the explanations.

There are still many people who are not confident in delivering a speech. Many of our close associates, friends and relatives fall into this category. Why are people afraid to make a speech? It boils down to having a lack of public speaking knowledge leading to a lack of confidence. If one knew the techniques, public speaking would certainly be a walk in the park.

In this blog the author intentionally provides an explanation of the theory of speech and some samples of speeches, so that this nation’s children will no longer shy away from public speaking. As you read along, you will find and understand how to become proficient in speech. Various tips and tricks will be shared.

Remember, the art of speaking is necessary so that you are able to master yourself and also dominate the audience. If at any time you become a leader, you are expected to make a speech well, so others will understand your way of thinking and ideas presented. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to master the art of public speaking.