Toastmasters Distinguished Performance Reports

    Get the csv file of your preferred Distinguished Performance Report via email at your chosen frequency. Any District. This service saves you
    the trouble of going to Toastmasters International’s website & downloading the csv file manually which requires many mouse clicks. Using this
    service, you set it up once & you will receive the csv file via email for the next 365 days at your chosen frequency (every day, week, month, etc).

    May you become President’s Distinguished this term!



    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change the Emailing Frequency / Report Type or District Number after having started my subscription?
    You need to unsubscribe first. After that come back to this page and subscribe once more with your new requirements. Remember, when you unsubscribe, ALL your previous subscriptions will be deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Can I get the report for ONLY my Club?
    TI does not provide such a report in csv file format. Therefore, you can't. The Club Performance report listed above refers to the report of ALL the Clubs in your District. Nevertheless, your question has triggered my creative juices. Perhaps I might create such a service in the future but I can't promise when. Thank you for asking this question.
    I can't open the csv file on my mobile phone.
    You will probably have to download an app from App Store or Google Play Store to open csv files.
    I'm getting a blank csv file.
    There was something wrong with the way you keyed in your District number when you signed up. Unsubscribe then re-subscribe by keying in your District number properly. For example, if your District number is 65 just key in 65 and not D65. If this issue still persists, contact me and I'll investigate.
    Can I have multiple reports for different Districts / frequencies / report types?
    Yes you can :-)