Moving from Good to Great in Your Public Speeches

Kaizen is a Japanese practice of continuous improvement. Today, Kaizen is accepted worldwide as an important mainstay of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy. As a public speaker, you too need to “Kaizen” your delivery skills in order to remain relevant to your audience. Here are some tips on how to take your speech from good to great so that you continue to remain relevant. Research Your Listeners I am amazed at how some speakers will arrive for a speaking engagement without knowing anything about the audience they are about to Continue Reading →

Utilizing Body Language in a Speech

Your body language plays an important part in making your speech a perfect one. Normally, the tactics of verbal communication focus a lot on proper mapping of the body language. Body language has its instinctive impact on your speech as it involves non-verbal communication. Body language is all about conveying a message to another person without having an interchange of words. It is calculated that most of the messages that we interchange with each other are through body language. From 1967 to 1971, Professor Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Continue Reading →

Using Appropriate Words in a Speech

The selection of appropriate words in a speech can be a challenge for some people. They get confused in the selection of different words during their speech. That is one of the reasons why they feel hesitant to speak in public. However, as a speaker, debater or a presenter, words play an important role in your overall speech. They also act as tools for your impression while delivering a speech. If you are great at combining words together at the right spot, you for sure can achieve what is required Continue Reading →

7 Translation Ideas to Boost Content Quality

Translation services are needed for a multitude of reasons. No matter your translation needs, you want to make sure you receive quality services. While a strong translator is important, there are ways to boost content quality prior to translation. These will be shared below, but first there is something important to consider. Once you have decided to prepare your material for a translation service, make sure to choose one that best fits your material. For example, if you are translating materials used in the ministry, look for quality Christian translation Continue Reading →

The History and Importance of Public Speaking

Since the beginning of time, spoken words have been of paramount importance in the arena of communication. Let’s look at the history and importance of public speaking today. If one traces the evolution of mankind from its initial stage one will find that the nomadic family of savages relied wholly upon what its members said to one another. As mankind evolved, groups of families formed clans or tribes. In these tribes, the folks still heard the instructions of their leaders. Story-tellers, in all aboriginal societies were valuable spreaders of knowledge, Continue Reading →