Presenting Using Figures and Graphs the Steve Jobs’ Way Part 2 of 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1 which was published last week. In Part 1 we observed how a normal speaker like myself would deliver a PowerPoint presentation involving figures and graphs. Now let’s observe what the master presenter Steve Jobs did. Consider the following figures and graphs.In this slide, Steve Jobs emphasized that in Q1 and Q2 2005 sales of iPods produced $6.2M in sales. You can see that there is a difference in the color of the slide which places emphasis on Steve’s message. This technique provides Continue Reading →

Presenting Using Figures and Graphs the Steve Jobs Way Part 1 of 2

Today we are going to observe a great speaker presenting using figures and graphs effectively. You probably know or have heard the name of Steve Jobs. His contribution towards technological progress gained him recognition from around the world before he passed away. Do you also know that he is one of the best presenters in the world? He gained the reputation of being highly skilled in providing complicated information in a simple way. One amazing presentation skill which I wanted to learn was how he explained figures and graphs in Continue Reading →

The Storytelling Style of Presentations

Here’s a reason why it may be a good idea to present using a storytelling style. I sometimes dread attending workshops because of the presenter’s style of delivery. They sometimes have the habit of only showing a PowerPoint presentation using a lot of bullet points with small letters that make me tired and sleepy. On many occasions they will only read the bullet points back to the audience and we just have to listen without understanding the deeper message of what is actually intended by the presenter. Sleepiness can be Continue Reading →

The Relationship between Speaking Ability and Language Skills

There is a close relationship between our style of speaking and our language skills. Speaking styles are influenced by other activities, such as listening, reading, and writing. These symbiotic relationships must be thoroughly understood because it will impact us positively during our presentations. We probably have been delivering public speeches since we were children. Therefore, our speaking style would have most likely be influenced by the way we captured what was conveyed by the influential adults in our lives. We may have developed the habit of imitating speaking styles or Continue Reading →