The 5 Myths of Public Speaking

According to the Merriam Webster 2016 dictionary, public speaking is defined as: the act or process of making speeches in public the art of effective oral communication with an audience Definition 1 defines public speaking as making speeches in public, even though the process of making that speech goes far beyond the stage time, as it involves a lot of background preparation to deliver that speech. Definition 2 defines public speaking as an art, and specifically in oral communication, even though it involves more than just oral communication. it is Continue Reading →

Four things you should never do on LinkedIn

Despite it is not in the fight for becoming the most popular social media network in the world, LinkedIn has a meaningful share of users due to its strict focus on corporate relationships and head hunting. What has made it a popular site, however, often becomes a nightmare too. Why? Because many LinkedIn users don’t use the site properly, hindering their own possibilities to succeed. What not to do? Here a short list. Be careless when you invite contacts Importing your database of contacts is easy on LinkedIn, but you Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Keep Your Audience in Attention

You are a guest speaker invited to highlight an important occasion. You could be the keynote speaker or the guest of honor. You were most likely selected due to your popularity and / or accomplishments. Your profession or line of achievement must have been in some way related to the occasion in order for you to be invited. These 8 tips will help to keep your audience in attention. Never mind the reason, simply know that you were invited because you were perceived to be an authority in your field. Continue Reading →

Internet Retailers Require Internet Marketing For Improved Revenue

FG Xpress review – As you deal with marketing on the web, you will possess some essential judgements to create. 1 involves volume compared to high quality, which impacts the price you add. Would you like to placed out a manufactured product and strive to promote a whole lot at a good deal? Or a hand made item with a greater value? The tips below can help you make these important decisions before you start promoting. 1 website marketing approach will conserve a connection with consumers and visitors is Continue Reading →

Negotiating Principles from the Public Speaking Perspective Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 last week the first two principles of effective negotiations were shared. The two principles were to adopt the right mindset and to do your homework prior to meeting your counterparts. Now, let’s move on with the other 2 critical principles. Be an Active Listener The late Dr. Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” In order to seek first to understand, we need to be an active listener. Active listening involves listening with not only your ears but also your eyes and nose as Continue Reading →