Work-life Balance for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers sometimes ask how they can find a balance between their businesses and their personal lives. The shocking answer is true balance is a total myth, because it’s simply unattainable. Think about it: mathematically speaking, you can’t spend 25 percent of the day at your business, 25 percent of the day with your children, 25 percent of the day with your soul mate, and 25 percent of the day attending to your personal needs, and yet accomplish your goals while ensuring that everyone feels taken care of. It’s simply Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Destroy Your Business

When speaking about a football game, election or examination results, there would most likely be the winner and a loser. Winning or losing is part and parcel of attaining success. However, there are numerous things that we can do to maximize the chances of success. Similarly, there are also many things that we can learn to avoid in order to reduce the chances of failure. Are you looking for an easy way to attain success? You can begin by NOT doing the things below: Envy and Jealousy Seeing the accomplishments Continue Reading →

The Science beneath Positive Affirmations Part 2 of 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1 which appeared last week. What Are Affirmations that Actually Work? Modern studies have shown that people with an elevated self-esteem tend to make positive affirmations all the time, without struggling to do so, it just comes natural to them. Regrettably, when people with low-esteem are forced into making positive affirmations, the response is negative, triggering a wave of unlikable connotations. For instance, a lady who feels good about her looks thinks “I am gorgeous”, and this makes her more self-confident, and consequently Continue Reading →

The Science beneath Positive Affirmations Part 1 of 2

The power of positive thoughts is real, and many people who find triumph in life have used it to achieve their goals. In order to harness that power to assist you, you first have to understand why and how it works, what kind of mechanisms it activates in your brain, and how you can make the most of positive affirmations, avoiding the most regular pitfalls of this technique. What Are Affirmations and What is the Science behind Them? Affirmations are tools for empowerment. Just thinking “I can surely do this” Continue Reading →

Email Marketing for Online Businesses

E-mail marketing is one of the most commonly used techniques of direct marketing. It can be a successful tool for increasing sales, developing strong relations with customers and encouraging customer loyalty. However, to create a successful email marketing strategy, you have to carefully plan your steps and know what kind of content your customers want to see in your newsletters. How to find new subscribers and get noticed Without a significant number of subscribers even the best email marketing will not bring the desired results, therefore your first step should Continue Reading →