4 Reasons You Should Email Prospects and Clients Weekly

One of the most valuable commodities any business has is its list of leads and clients.

These are people that have given you permission to market to them, over and over again. They want to hear from you, and any businessman will tell you that finding a target market to sell to is one of the hardest aspects of any business.

In other words, if you’re not emailing your pool of leads and clients, you’re missing out on potentially thousands of dollars per month.

Also, just emailing them once or twice a month isn’t good enough. You must stay in contact with them frequently, or they’ll become cold leads very fast.

Here are 4 reasons to email your leads and clients at least once a week!

1. Increase Retention

One of the main reasons that people switch their service to a new company is brand apathy. They forget the reasons that made them buy from you in the first place and they see a new ad with compelling reasons to throw their allegiance to a new company.

By contacting your clients at least on a weekly basis, they’ll remember you and feel like they are being taken care of.

2. Your Leads Will Recognize You

If you only email once a month or less, your lead won’t recognize who you are. However, emailing 1-2 times per week will give your leads a chance to recognize the name in the “from” line. Over time, they will come to know and respect you, especially if you have content worth reading.

3. Less Opt-Outs, Less Spam Complaints

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This goes hand-in-hand with the last point – the more that your leads begin to recognize you, the more they will tolerate your emails. The biggest reasons that people opt out are for annoying emails, too frequent emails, or they don’t know who you are. By establishing a pattern of weekly emails, they won’t want to opt out as often, and they won’t see your emails as spammy.

4. More Sales/Upsells

Of course, the overall goal is to convert your leads to paying customers and to upsell to your current clients. This will not happen if you send an email every 2 months asking them to buy something. They probably won’t remember you, and they won’t appreciate that your only contact with them has been a sales pitch.

That’s one reason the once a week approach works well – you can continue to build your relationship with your clients and leads, while sending them one sales email per month. That means ¾ of your emails are purely informational and helpful, and ¼ would be to buy something (unless you’re emailing more frequently). This ratio works very well, and your list will forgive you the occasional sales email (meaning they won’t opt out or mark it as spam as often) if most of the emails that you send out are extremely helpful.

Remember, your client and lead list are you biggest assets in the online world. They are people who already want to get to know you and your product better, so treat it with care. By emailing once a week, you’ll maintain frequent enough contact without overdoing it.

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