4 Ways to Destroy Your Business

When speaking about a football game, election or examination results, there would most likely be the winner and a loser. Winning or losing is part and parcel of attaining success. However, there are numerous things that we can do to maximize the chances of success. Similarly, there are also many things that we can learn to avoid in order to reduce the chances of failure. Are you looking for an easy way to attain success? You can begin by NOT doing the things below:

Envy and Jealousy

Seeing the accomplishments of others around you should be your motivation, even though it may be your competitor. You have to recognize that everyone has the ability to be a winner including yourself. If you are busy looking at the negative side of the success of others, you will surely find it. The begging question is, “How will that knowledge help you?” Let us not get bitter, but better! Getting better requires us to look at the positive side of the success of others.

Living in Regret of the Past

If you live in regret of your past mistakes, your advancement will be hindered. Your guilt is like a heavy invisible weight chained to your legs. It will prevent you from taking the next step. Get rid of your excess “baggage” by forgiving yourself for your past decisions and move on. Do not look back or beat yourself up. Remember, nobody bothers to remember your past mistakes as vividly as you do. Everyone is eternally interested in their own problems. There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes “a good horse doesn’t eat grass backwards.” Frankly speaking, I’ve never seen any horse, good or otherwise, eat grass backwards! Let us emulate the good habit of horses, cows and goats. Let’s move forward in our lives. You are worthy of a second chance in life. On the flip-side, do not linger in denial of your past mistakes too. If you know that you’ve made a mistake in the past, don’t repeat it.

Finding a Scapegoat

If you make a mistake which could lead to a failure of a process, come clean. If a plan does not go as you anticipate, refrain from making excuses, laying blame or justifying. Look for the cause of the problem, learn and improve. Later, when you find the same conditions elsewhere, you will be well equipped with the right solutions to overcome them due to your past experience. If you are forever looking for a justification to cover up a mistake, you will continue to do so without ever finding a solution. Take accountability for your actions.

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Stop Learning

Age, experience or past successes should not be a basis to stop learning. No one on this planet knows everything (that includes Google, by the way..). We must continue to learn from others, whoever that may be, whether from a famous millionaire or an entrepreneur who is just starting his business. The Japanese have a concept called “Kaizen” which loosely means any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small. Practically speaking, “Kaizen” cannot be achieved without continuous learning. The late Dr. Stephen R. Covey called it “sharpen the saw” in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

So now that you have discovered four ways to screw up your business, ask yourself, “Are you instinctively doing something which is messing up your business? What would you like to do about it?

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All the best to you in all aspects of your life 🙂

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