7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is the highway of building a solid relationship. Without a healthy one, it would be impossible to continually work together and pursue a common goal. This is why companies and organizations pay high regards to establishing a communication system that works well for all their members.

At an individual level, this could mean enhancing your skills in connecting with different people. But while this is a given to many, relating to different personalities has become more difficult than ever. Add it up to the fact that a lot of us right now prefer communicating online. Digitalization has undeniably affected the amount of human interaction we spend at a daily basis.

Good thing is, communication skills can be improved. However, for you to see its effect, commitment has to be practiced. In both oral and written form of communication, the following tips can help you improve this skill.

Practice It Often

They say that practice makes you perfect. Even though it doesn’t, it is still a fact that it helps you improve. Communication is not an exception. To ensure that you keep yourself sharp in conveying information, using it often is the most important way. Talk to people, write journals, or do anything else that allows you to communicate.

Consume Media Items Using The Language

A good example would be to watch movies on the language you are trying to master. Aside from the language itself, exposing yourself to these shows allows you to have an idea on the culture of the speakers as well. Of course, it’s also a great learning tool for honing your accent to help you sound like a native.

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Invest Time On More Human Interaction

As we have mentioned, there is a visible increase of youngsters who prefer communicating using social media and other communication methods online. There is nothing wrong with this. However, it is very important to talk with people ‘personally’ so you can practice aligning your facial reactions and gestures while you speak.

Find A Skilled Coach

You can use this to up your language training. By getting a coach, you will get objective comments and practical instructions on what to do to make you a better speaker. Coaches can also be in-charge of devising training activities, quizzes and any drills that will allow you to apply your speaking skills at a constant basis.

Listen To Confident Public Speakers

Anyone who always speaks in front of the public is likely to be a confident speaker himself. They include politicians, reality show hosts, academicians, stars, artists and more. Choose someone you see on television and web or hear from radio and watch them speak.

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What gestures do they use? How do they make contact with their listeners? You’ll be surprised by the amount of useful information you will get by simply listening to them. Needless to say, be an active viewer and learn from their bearing.

Join Opportunities That Allow You To Speak More

There are several of these around. They could come in symposiums, community gatherings, workshops and more. Take time to participate in these activities and volunteer to speak when opportunity knocks. This could be the perfect avenue to train your confidence in public speaking.

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Last but not the least, read materials using the same language you are mastering. Reading has proven to enhance retention. In fact, there are people who learn better by reading rather than listening. Choose materials you wish to read about and take notes if you want.

There are no shortcuts to learning something. It needs a combined time, effort and commitment on your part to see any progress. Start enhancing your skills in communication using the seven tips we have above!

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Raphael Rico Zamora is a Filipino blogger working in an interpretation company Philippines, a professional translation and interpretation company located in the business district of Makati City, Philippines.

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