8 Tips to Keep Your Audience in Attention

You are a guest speaker invited to highlight an important occasion. You could be the keynote speaker or the guest of honor. You were most likely selected due to your popularity and / or accomplishments. Your profession or line of achievement must have been in some way related to the occasion in order for you to be invited. These 8 tips will help to keep your audience in attention.

Never mind the reason, simply know that you were invited because you were perceived to be an authority in your field. To convey a long lasting impression to the audience, you need to discover ways to keep the audience attention glued to you.

If it so happens that you are the invited guest speaker of a gathering, the tips below will help to keep your audience glued to their seats while you mesmerize them with your oratorical prowess.

1. Speak clearly using a crisp and comprehensible voice. Ensure that your tone is enthusiastic. Avoid mumbling. Try not to swallow your words as if there’s gum in your mouth.

2. Your speech should be congruent with the aim of the gathering, touching on matters which are relevant to its objective and applicable to current desires for the benefit of the majority.

3. Inject humor into your speech to keep the audience entertained and relaxed. Studies reveal that, when humor is involved, audiences find the speaker interesting to listen to. Your choice of humor should ideally avoid sensitive matters such as sex, politics or religion because this may unintentionally embarrass others or be misunderstood by them. Then again, if this is a political rally, speaking about politics would be unavoidable. This might raise comments that criticize your speech. Try your best to avoid denigrating anyone in your speech.

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4. When you highlight an issue, a good way to project it is by supporting your point with instances or examples. Associate the example and the issue to make it easily understandable to the audience.

5. Suppose the gathering was organized to save an industry or uplift the spirit of those who will be inadvertently affected by it. Try your best to deliver an inspiring speech. A presentation packed with positive feelings, such as projecting a brighter future, can turn a depressive frame of mind into an enthusiastic one. If you have a solution, then say it.

6. Audience participation may appear to turn your speech into a two-way discussion, but this is an effective way to confirm the effectiveness of your presentation. Therefore, participate wholeheartedly in such discussions without fear.

7. Paint a positive image on how the industry will look like in 5 years in the minds of the audience when you speak. Be specific and practical in your projection. If some sacrifices or hard work is called for, say so.

8. Leave a lasting, meaningful message as you conclude your speech. A memorable speech is one that leaves your audience thinking long after the speech has been made. Such speeches will leave an indelible mark in the minds of the audience for a long time.

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