Fearless Public Speaking

Dear Friend, Frieda was a young lady in her early 20’s. We were having dinner together with her husband one day. Suddenly she popped the question… “How do I get over the fear of facing the audience? I get scared when I see many eyes staring at me. I… Continue Reading →

Fearless Public Speaking

This is a 11,500+ word e-book which will give you valuable insights on how to become a confident, suave & persuasive speaker. When you purchase Fearless Public Speaking, you will discover why you fear speaking in public. This knowledge will help… Continue Reading →

The 5 Myths of Public Speaking

According to the Merriam Webster 2016 dictionary, public speaking is defined as: the act or process of making speeches in public the art of effective oral communication with an audience Definition 1 defines public speaking as making speeches in public,… Continue Reading →

Conquer Speaking Fear – 5 Tips

Here are some quick suggestions you could use to conquer your speaking fear when addressing the public speaking. I have compiled them from years of experience in reading books, attending seminars and observing my own fears. Go ahead and try the… Continue Reading →

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A FREE e-book on how to use argumentation in a speech without being adversarial http://www.betterpublicspeaking.com/ Argumentation Public Speaking – 1600+ words This FREE e-book speaks on how to incorporate argumentation in a presentation. You… Continue Reading →