Fearless Public Speaking

Dear Friend, Frieda was a young lady in her early 20’s. We were having dinner together with her husband one day. Suddenly she popped the question… “How do I get over the fear of facing the audience? I get scared when I see many eyes staring at me. I… Continue Reading →

Fearless Public Speaking

This is a 11,500+ word e-book which will give you valuable insights on how to become a confident, suave & persuasive speaker. When you purchase Fearless Public Speaking, you will discover why you fear speaking in public. This knowledge will help… Continue Reading →

The 5 Myths of Public Speaking

According to the Merriam Webster 2016 dictionary, public speaking is defined as: the act or process of making speeches in public the art of effective oral communication with an audience Definition 1 defines public speaking as making speeches in public,… Continue Reading →

Delivering a Successful Public Speech

Public speaking used to be something many people try to avoid and even dread. The trend seems to be changing now. As more schools, colleges and universities establish public speaking or debate clubs, the people of “Generation Y” and probably “Z” appear… Continue Reading →

Managing Stage Fright and Vulnerability

Oh dear… your chest feels heavy, your throat is constricted and you feel like crying. You suddenly feel vulnerable facing the audience. The dignitaries are in the room and they expect a good performance from you. A sick feeling is rising and about to… Continue Reading →