Conquer Speaking Fear – 5 Tips

Here are some quick suggestions you could use to conquer your speaking fear when addressing the public speaking. I have compiled them from years of experience in reading books, attending seminars and observing my own fears. Go ahead and try the following steps and tell me how you feel in the comment box below.

Good Public Speaking Skill #1
Do Your Homework. Knowing oneself, knowing ones enemies. A hundred battles fought, a hundred battles won ~ Sun Tzu

  • Public Speaking Fear Conquered- You Can Do It Too! - AmondaRose, Speaking Expert
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    Public Speaking Fear Conquered- You Can Do It Too! - AmondaRose, Speaking Expert
This sage advice from a brilliant military strategist from the ancient days of China. His words ring true in today’s world and is applicable in the public speaking arena.

Ask the organizers what they expect from your presentation. What do they really want to learn from it? What is their current knowledge about your subject? What value will they gain from your presentation? Such conversations will enroll these people as your friends during your presentation. It also helps you learn the current needs of the industry, so that you can deliver it. This is like collecting the answers to an exam before taking it.

What if they don’t know what they need / want? Don’t worry. Just ask them what their problems are and cater your talk to suit / solve their problems.

Good Public Speaking Skill #2
Prepare. Prepare for war when at peace – Sun Tzu

Aha, Mr. Sun Tzu is back again 🙂 Compose an outline, and write the entire script word for word for the important segments of it (such as the opening, body and conclusion). Then rehearse your presentation, without referring to the script until you know it so well that you can deliver it spontaneously. Avoid trying to memorize the entire script word for word. This will make your speech sound robotic and lifeless.

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However, if you recall earlier, I asked to write your entire speech word for word. “Why?” you may ask. Well you could convert it into an audio book, sell it as a short story or convert it into a blog post in the future.

Good Public Speaking Skill #3
Rehearse. Practice your speech at all given moments and places. I normally rehearse my speech while driving. This is the only time I’m alone to talk to myself 🙂 Another curious motorist on the next lane would probably think that I’m talking on the phone using my hands-free device. Another benefit of rehearsing while driving is it reduces my frustration of being caught in nasty traffic snarl.

Join a Toastmasters Club and deliver your speeches there prior to your “big day.” Ask your evaluator for comments on your strengths and areas of improvement. Also, use this as an opportunity to become familiar with the room and any equipment, such as a projector.

Good Public Speaking Skill #4
Befriend The Attendees. Arrive early so that you can befriend the attendees before your presentation. Shake their hands, thank them for coming and exchange business cards. Introduce yourself to them and get some small talk underway. Imagine them to be the guests coming to your party. This mindset will convert them from strangers into your friends. Sometimes, I’m bewildered as to how some speakers will show up for a speaking engagement and really not know anything about the audience they are speaking to. Many speakers are just too overwhelmed with too many things at the back of their mind to the extent that they are unable to be present with the attendees.

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Your core message may be about the same for everyone, but being present with your audience will allow you to customize the information so that they feel you are speaking personally to them. They will understand your message clearly and will hold you in high regards for creating something specifically for them. Of course, in many cases you were only slanting your information, but they wouldn’t know the difference 

Good Public Speaking Skill #5
Visualize And Expect Success. Visualize doing a wonderful job. If you allow disastrous thoughts to cascade your mind, you will scare yourself. Give yourself confidence by expecting to do well. Imagine the event as a roaring success. Know that everyone wants you to do an excellent job. Imagine yourself right before the speech, standing next to the stage, well prepared and looking your best, taking a deep breath and feeling all anxiety disappear from your mind. Follow with your mental eye that imaginary, confident walk that takes you up in front of the audience and then imagine looking them in the eye and smiling. See yourself as you confidently talk about your topic, gliding through the whole speech with a vibe that is a privilege to witness. Remember to imagine the well-deserved thunderous applause that comes at the end. Your mind is a wondrous tool that can be made to do lots of neat stuff but it’s also stupid in the endearing sense that it believes whatever you throw at it: if you keep bombarding your subconscious with images of success, the chances of that success becoming reality shoot through the roof.

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Success will fall in the lap of the person who is prepared to accept it. Therefore, prepare well for success and allow it into your life when it comes knocking on your door.

Now that you have gained some useful pointers on how to become a better public speaker, I encourage you not to stop here. Keep “sharpening your saw” by getting practical experience on public speaking. Grab the opportunity to speak in public as often as possible. The more stage time you accrue, the higher your self-esteem and confidence will become. Do purchase my book called The Fearless Speaker at This 11,500+ word book will give you more pointers towards becoming a seasoned orator. I look forward to that wonderful day in your life when you will become ‘complete’ and you will discover your true purpose in this world. May you discover it through your public speaking endeavors.

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All the best to you in all aspects of your life 🙂

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