Duplicate Content In Magento And How To Fix The Problem

Duplicate content is a common problem, as seen in many shopping carts, Magento included. You have to be aware that this issue is very complex and there are at least a few potential sources of duplicate content. In this article we will discuss the major problems with duplicate content and suggest possible solutions.

What is duplicate content and how it can affect your eCommerce?

Duplicate content is any type of content, which is repeated on more than one page of your website. For example, if you copy descriptions of your products and publish them on more than one page, you are creating duplicate content. In Magento the problem can be caused by the platform itself: the shopping cart can automatically create different URLs, which refer to the same content. In result Google sees these pages as repetitions. This can severely damage your search engine optimization efforts and decrease your position in Google ranking. How come? Google gives priority and higher rates to unique, informative content. Multiple repetitions and duplicate content result in lower ratings.

Duplicate content on product pages

As stated above, repeated product descriptions are one of the most common sources of duplicate content. Product pages are responsible for as much as 80-90% of the Google website index, therefore it is extremely important that your product pages contain unique, original content. Avoid repeating product descriptions on more than one product page.

Layered navigation

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    How to Solve Duplicated Content for a Magento Store- Boomtown Internet Group

Layered navigation is also a common source of problems with duplicate content. Whenever a customer searches for a product in your online store or uses filters to display search results, Magento creates dynamic pages with the query string parameter featured as a part of the URL. This new URL does not contain any new content, nor does it refer to new content, so it is a repetition of content already published somewhere else on your website. The more customers visit your online store and use filters to browse through your products, the more new URLs are generated by Magento and indexed by Google, resulting in a lower rating of your website. What can you do to prevent or solve this problem? If you can afford it, order Magento services in UK. This is the best way to ensure that your website index is not affected by duplicate content. Unfortunately, without the professional help of Magento certified programmers, it might be difficult to remove all sources of the problem. If you want to solve the issue by yourself, try adding the Meta Robots Tag to the head of any URL, which contains a parameter. Remember to set it to noindex, follow. This is the most effective solution to the problem, but if you want to experiment a bit and look for alternative ways of dealing with the duplicate content issue, you can also try adding a canonical to the header in order to tell Google which page is the original one. This solution is usually less effective than the one presented above, so we recommend using it in combination with other techniques.

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