Email Marketing for Online Businesses

E-mail marketing is one of the most commonly used techniques of direct marketing. It can be a successful tool for increasing sales, developing strong relations with customers and encouraging customer loyalty. However, to create a successful email marketing strategy, you have to carefully plan your steps and know what kind of content your customers want to see in your newsletters.

How to find new subscribers and get noticed

Without a significant number of subscribers even the best email marketing will not bring the desired results, therefore your first step should be to convince customers to sign up to your newsletter. Do not assume that every customer, who purchased something from your online store, is also interested in receiving your newsletters. Always allow your customers to decide whether they want to receive your marketing emails or not. A good practice is to inform your customers what kind of content they can expect to see in your newsletters. For example, you can mention the fact that your newsletters contain not only information about new promotions, but also tips for using your products. As an additional incentive, promise your subscribers special coupons and discounts on your products. Remember that subscribing is not enough: your emails can still end up in a spam box or in the Promotions tab in gmail inbox, which means that your customers might not notice them in time. In the confirmation email ask your customers to add your email to their address books to avoid the junk folder and suggest moving your emails to the Primary tab.

  • 6 Steps for a Killer Email Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses
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    6 Steps for a Killer Email Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses

Creating interesting content

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is its quick and simple adjustment to customers’ needs. By using special extensions or ordering eCommerce web development services, you can adjust the content of your marketing emails to your customers’ interests and preferences. For example, you can use order history and shopping cart abandonment information to automatically send your customers highly personalized offers related to the products they purchased in the past or were interested in. As much as personalization is important, remember to not overdo it: do not send your subscribers new offers every day, otherwise your emails might be perceived as spam. Invest more time in creating unique articles, tips and stories that will be featured in your newsletters and you can be sure that your customers will appreciate it.

Find ways to measure your achievements


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Your email marketing strategy will be more successful, if you learn how to measure its effectiveness. One of the easiest way to do this is to monitor opens and clicks. This way you can measure how many of your newsletters were opened by customers and how many customers clicked on the links featured in your newsletters. You can learn a lot from these numbers, for example, if your customers do not open your e-mails, it might mean that your newsletters end up in a spam box or your subject line is not strong enough to encourage customers to check your e-mails. If you do not get many clicks, it might mean that your content is too general and random and you should invest more in personalization of the content.  

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