Finding A Good Keynote Speaker

A keynote speech is a talk that lays the foundation of the main underlying theme. It establishes the framework for the subsequent program of events or convention agenda. A keynote speech also serves to emphasize a larger idea.

Therefore, a keynote speaker needs to know exactly how to cater the talk to suit the occasion. From an angler’s point of view, it’s all about baiting the hook to suit the fish.

Now that you have understood what the keynote orator is supposed to do, here are some suggestions on how to find a good one.

  • Keynote Speakers - 2 easy tips to find great speakers for your next event
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    Keynote Speakers - 2 easy tips to find great speakers for your next event
Confirm the date, venue and budget of your event. These factors will significantly impact the pool of keynote speakers available to you. Your date, for instance, will affect which keynote speakers are available, whereas your budget will limit whom you can and can’t afford to employ. In order to reduce the cost of the keynote speaker’s transportation, you will probably have to examine the distance between where he or she lives and the location of your event.

Establish the type of presentation you want and the time of day when it will take place. Do also mention the time limit of the speech. You wouldn’t want the speaker to ramble for hours, would you?

Here’s something to think about. Just because a particular speaker is skilled in debates, doesn’t necessarily make him / her good at providing keynotes. I’ve observed how some politicians spew the political agenda at fund raising campaigns of homeless kids instead of delivering a speech that was relevant to homeless kids. Therefore, it would be a good idea to feed the keynote speaker with some relevant facts about your organization, event, dignitaries, mission statement, etc in order for them to cook up a good speech. The core decision makers in your organization will be able to guide you based on their vision.

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Clarify in your mind why you want to hire a keynote speaker. Some common reasons include the desire to:
Take action
Raise funds
Promote a cause or organization

If you have a record of past keynote speakers who have been successful with your group or a group similar to yours, very good. If you don’t, well you’ve got to start somewhere. Get in touch with a Toastmasters club in your neighborhood. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, post a message on your Facebook.

Consider the demographics of your audience. Do you need a keynote speaker who will appeal to a general audience or one who will interest a specific demographic group (e.g., an all-men’s group)? Again, it’s about baiting the hook to suit the fish 🙂

Now that you have gained some useful pointers on how to find a keynote speaker, I encourage you not to stop here. Why not become one? Keep “sharpening your saw” by getting practical experience on public speaking. Grab the opportunity to speak in public as often as possible. The more stage time you accrue, the higher your self-esteem and confidence will become. Do purchase my book called The Fearless Speaker at This 11,500+ word book will give you more pointers towards becoming a seasoned orator. I look forward to that wonderful day in your life when you will become ‘complete’ and you will discover your true purpose in this world. May you discover it through your public speaking endeavors.

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All the best to you in all facets of your life 🙂