How To Make a Difference As a Motivational Speaker

North America’s Leading Inspirational Teacher and Best-Selling Author, Marjan Glavac shares on how to make a difference in peoples’ lives in this article.

The Stress-Free Way to Impact Your Students For Life and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching Almost Overnight

If you love teaching but the challenges that come with the job are starting to get under your skin, I know exactly how you feel. See if you can relate to my experience …

I reached a point where I’d dread going to school in the morning to teach. I would have a big knot in the pit of my stomach just thinking about my class.

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You had all that energy, enthusiasm and expertise to make a difference (perhaps even with disadvantaged students who struggle to get through each and every day). You looked forward to teaching any and all students in your class. You spent an incredible amount of time getting your classroom set up during the summer.

It was a warm, welcoming and wonderful classroom one of the best classrooms in the entire school. You were nervous that first day, not knowing what to expect.

They sat in their desks, alert, attentive and anxious to be taught by you. The first day was an exhausting but an exhilarating, exciting experience. You could not wait to get back to school and teach them some more.

Your students aren’t attentive any more. They’re off task. They’re defiant. The hours and hours you’ve spent on those picture perfect lesson plans seem to go out the window.

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Your students are becoming more and more defiant. You get more and more frustrated with them, lose your cool more often and go home empty, exhausted and emotionally upset.

In spite of all these problems and challenges, you’re still passionate about teaching. You still love to learn. You still love to teach. You still love children.

But, you’re running on empty, especially with those students who defy you more and more often, who seem to have taken over your class, who don’t seem to care anymore… You don’t know what to do… You don’t want to confess to other teachers that you’re experiencing problems with your class. That would be a sign of weakness.

You don’t want to confess to your principal that you’re experiencing problems. That might mean not getting rehired or worse that you weren’t meant to be a teacher.

You don’t want to talk to any parents, because word would quickly get out that you can’t…

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All the best to you in all aspects of your life 🙂

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