How to Recover Data from NTFS Formatted Partition

Do you also believe formatting permanently erase all data from hard drive partitions? If yes, then let us assure you that you can still recover all hard drive data from NTFS partition. Formatting only leads to inaccessibility of all hard drive data that can be restored in limited period of time. Only factor that can result in loss of data is overwriting, if you keep on using hard drive NTFS partition after formatting it might result in overwriting of data. In such cases the data cannot be restored following manual as well as professional tools.

Brief About NTFS Partition And Formatting 

New Technology File System (NTFS) is file system for Windows NT and upgraded versions including Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003 etc.  Just like FAT file system, NTFS does not use allocation table but store all information directly in file. Few benefits of using NTFS file system includes faster accessibility of files, efficient storage of information, better file compression, disk management and file security.

In the case of accidental or intentional formatting all saved data in NTFS partition gets deleted. If the backup of data is available with users they can restore imported files and folders in NTFS partition but if you don’t have updated backup available only way to restore data is via professional tools.

Way To Restore Formatted NTFS Partition  

Using third party tools like hard drive recovery users can avail benefits of restoring data from NTFS formatted partition. The tool also permits users to recover corrupt and deleted data from hard drive without damaging original integrity of files. Users can also recover data from all internal/external hard drives, camera memory cards, SD cards and iPod etc.

The powerful scanning modes of tool will help to automatically detect available disk partitions to recover data from NTFS formatted partition. Users are required to select the formatted partition and click on ‘Recover Partition’ option to extract data from formatted NTFS partition.



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From multiple recovery modes, choose ‘Formatted Partition’ and click on ‘Recover’ option this will help to extract only formatted data from NTFS partition.


  • How to Recover Data from Formatted NTFS Partition
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    How to Recover Data from Formatted NTFS Partition

Upon completion of scanning process, the tool will display all recovered items in software panel. Users can take preview of all recovered items before saving it to desired location. If required users can also make use of ‘Search’ feature that will help to extract only specific type of files from bulk hard disk data.


Select files and folders to proceed to next level of saving recovered data. Users can either save selected files or can save all recovered items at desirable location in system.



For those users who need to evaluate the worth of Hard Drive Recovery Tool prior to investing in licensed version of tool, DEMO version is available. The trial mode will help to provide preview of entire hard drive recovery process and recovered data to users. Once the abilities of tool gets demonstrated, users can invest in licensed version for bulk recover of NTFS formatted partition faultlessly.   

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