How To Speed Up Magento Community?

Standard Magento websites tend to load pretty quickly. Of course, a lot depends on the size of the website, server specifications, the number of products in the catalog, but overall, Magento shopping carts are one of the fastest to load on any device. If you feel that your online store is underperforming or if you would like to decrease the page load time to 2 seconds or less, we have good news for you: Magento Community comes with a few built-in features, which can help you reduce page load time. You can change the following settings in a few simple steps and it won’t take more than a few minutes to increase the functionality of your online store.

Magento Cache

Turning cache on can reduce your page load time by at least half a second. This might seem like a poor result, but in the world of eCommerce, where 4 seconds is too long and 3 seconds is barely acceptable, half a second less can make a real difference. Also remember that the bigger your online store is, the more time you can save by properly optimizing its performance and using Magento Cache. If your Magento store is live, make sure that you have turned Magento Cache on.

Magento Compilation

Magento Compilation is not the easiest one to use, mainly because it does not work with many popular extensions. At the same time, Magento Compilation can help you reduce load speed by at least a second, so it is definitely worth checking out, especially if your online store is rather simple in terms of design. We recommend first trying it on the development server, before turning it on live. The main reason why you should do it this way is the opportunity to thoroughly test Magento Compilation. Check if all your extensions are working properly, when Magento Compilation is turned on. Visit several different pages in your online store, including the shopping cart and checkout page. If you do not see any problems with them, you can switch Magento Compilation on your production server.

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Magento JS/CSS Merge

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    Speed Up Magento - Ecommerce Site Video Case Study

Merging JS/CSS, when the website is live, can bring positive results, as long as it is performed correctly. You have probably heard that Magento JS/CSS Merge is not worth dealing with, as it can lead to problems with the website performance, but that is not true, as long as your JS libraries are properly integrated. We recommend asking your Magento designers to take a look at it and advise whether activating Margento JS/CSS Merge is safe for your online store.

.htaccess tweaks

Tweaking .htaccess provides you with an opportunity to significantly reduce load speed. Although .htaccess is just a small file, tweaks such as GZIP, DEFLATE, EXPIRES can decrease your page load time by a second or less. It is definitely worth checking out. If you do not know how to tweak .htaccess file, you can find helpful information online. You can also order cheap Magento web development services in Ukraine to have this matter done by professionals and pay a reasonable price for this kind of services.

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