Organizing a Speech for Effective Delivery Part 1 of 3

Organizing a speech is crucial of any speech because when you talk, an organized speech enables the listeners to “get it”. We have had experiences of hearing from speakers or people that ramble on and on. They have the tendency to go off-tangent in all directions of their speech that we find it difficult to follow and get the point.

If we need to ask at the end of their presentation, “So, what’s the point you’re trying to make?” that speech most probably lacks clear organization. As a speaker yourself, if your crowd doesn’t get a handle on your message (despite the fact that your subject is one you know they are keen on), you have to re-examine the way you deliver it. You have to sort out your thoughts to enable easy comprehension.

Let us look at the essential objectives of this task, get tips and strategies on how to organize a speech.

For a speech or presentation to be effective, it must be clear, and straightforward. A typical speech will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. For the introduction, you tell the audience what you want to tell them. For the body, you tell them what you said you will tell them. For the conclusion, you tell them again, what you have told them.

Introduction ~ Tell them what you will be telling them.
Body ~ Tell them.
Conclusion ~ Tell them what you have told them.

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    How To Organize And Make An Effective Presentation
This organization works very well for informative speeches. This is a prerequisite for the planning and preparation of your speech. This forces you to think about what message you intend to deliver to the audience. If you yourself are not clear on what you are going to say, how can you expect the audience to know it?

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As a speaker, your role is to tell the audience your message. If your speech is well organized in a coherent and flowing manner, your audience will be more receptive to your ideas and messages. You will be able to connect to your audience and persuade them to take action.

Qualities of a Well Organized Speech

Well organized speeches are able to have the following qualities.

Easy to Understand

Audiences have a relatively short attention span. This is especially so if your speech involves technical and difficult concepts. People enjoy simple concepts and ideas, and it is the speaker’s best skill to conceptualize and present a difficult idea or concept in its most simplest and understandable format. If you cannot explain an idea simply, you simply do not understand the concept well enough. Put it shortly, you have to present your idea and speech such that even an 8 year old kid will understand.

Easy to Remember

In today’s generation and technology driven market, we are constantly bombarded by marketing gimmicks and publicity stunts in all formats and media. There is also an information overload and overdose. There is simply too much information going on around the world we live in today. All this information is screaming for attention, but what is more important once you pay attention, information retention takes place. Your idea in your speech should be easy to remember so the audience can retain the information once your delivery is over.

Easy to Follow

As simple as every well organized speech should be, there should be a logical flow and straightforward direction to follow in your well crafted speech. This will enable the audience to follow your ideas and messages and will aid the audience in assimilating the ideas.

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Easy to Believe

Be true to the genre of your presentation. This means that your speech must be credible and authentic such that the audience will believe it. If you are including any stories in your speech, all conflicts, solutions or problems stated should be logically solvable within their own worlds (genre). If it sounds too far-fetched or even too incredible, it will appear too remotely distant to the audience, and once they sense no rapport to the idea, they will shut down their senses and will cut you off from their attention.


Lastly, every audience will hope for an enjoyable time listening to any speaker. They have invested a considerable amount of their time and effort in coming to hear you speak. Therefore, besides wanting to learn something new from your speech, they want to be entertained by you as the speaker and to have an enjoyable time.

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