Time Management in Public Speaking

No one ever complains about a speech being too short. ― Ira Hayes You guessed right. Time and tide waits for no man. Timeliness is a very important aspect of delivering a speech. By ending your speech on time, you are showing respect to your audience. If you have superb command of vocabulary, planned your speech objectives well and rehearsed it in advance, yo should not have any problems in ending your speech on time. Under the best conditions, a person will concentrate on your speech for as many minutes Continue Reading →

9 Tips for Handling a Question & Answer Session

How you handle a question & answer session can often be the crucial factor as to how your presentation is viewed upon. If you’re pitching for business, then you better handle the questions properly. 1. Be prepared for questions – When you rehearse your sales pitch, anticipate what you’re likely to be asked and what your answer is going to be. If you have done the same presentation more than once, this should not be a problem anymore. Your previous experience in handling similar questions will give you the necessary Continue Reading →

6 Tips for a Keynote Speaker

As you rise to high levels of leadership in your community, you are bound to be invited as a keynote speaker to highlight some important occasion. You could be the keynote speaker or the guest of honor. This “career progression” is inevitable. It’s going to happen to you some day. You will be most likely selected due to your popularity and / or achievements. Your profession or nature of accomplishment must have been in some way related to the occasion in order for you to be invited. Regardless of the Continue Reading →

Attention Grabbing Technique for Public Speakers

There are many attention grabbing techniques we can employ to keep the audience glued to us. Here’s a surefire method: Find some excuse to get someone on stage with you. When a member of the audience is on stage, trust me, the rest of the audience will concentrate fully for the following reasons: 1. They probably want to see what is going to happen to a fellow member. 2. Maybe they are mentally preparing themselves to be up on stage too. 3. Some of them may be worrying to death Continue Reading →

Finding A Good Keynote Speaker

A keynote speech is a talk that lays the foundation of the main underlying theme. It establishes the framework for the subsequent program of events or convention agenda. A keynote speech also serves to emphasize a larger idea. Therefore, a keynote speaker needs to know exactly how to cater the talk to suit the occasion. From an angler’s point of view, it’s all about baiting the hook to suit the fish. Now that you have understood what the keynote orator is supposed to do, here are some suggestions on how Continue Reading →