Time Management in Public Speaking

No one ever complains about a speech being too short. ― Ira Hayes You guessed right. Time and tide waits for no man. Timeliness is a very important aspect of delivering a speech. By ending your speech on time, you are showing respect to your audience. If you have superb command of vocabulary, planned your speech objectives well and rehearsed it in advance, yo should not have any problems in ending your speech on time. Under the best conditions, a person will concentrate on your speech for as many minutes Continue Reading →

Attention Grabbing Technique for Public Speakers

There are many attention grabbing techniques we can employ to keep the audience glued to us. Here’s a surefire method: Find some excuse to get someone on stage with you. When a member of the audience is on stage, trust me, the rest of the audience will concentrate fully for the following reasons: 1. They probably want to see what is going to happen to a fellow member. 2. Maybe they are mentally preparing themselves to be up on stage too. 3. Some of them may be worrying to death Continue Reading →

Managing Stage Fright and Vulnerability

Oh dear… your chest feels heavy, your throat is constricted and you feel like crying. You suddenly feel vulnerable facing the audience. The dignitaries are in the room and they expect a good performance from you. A sick feeling is rising and about to overpower your diligently rehearsed speech. The timing couldn’t be worse. This is your moment of truth. You need to portray strength, confidence and most importantly, professionalism. Oops, too late. A tear trickles down your cheek and more bad stuff is coming. The anxiety of breaking down, Continue Reading →

Keep It Short and Simple

Let’s ponder upon the importance of keeping a speech short and simple. Here’s a famous quotation by Winston Churchill. A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to arouse interest. – Winston Churchill Winston my man, you cheeky fella, teasing the ladies with such a great “insight”. Let me explain it this way. Serve the audiences’ needs, but logically speaking, you can’t solve all their problems. Cater your talk to induce self-discovery / self-realization in it. Create interest and buzz Continue Reading →

The Two Types of Public Speakers

There are only two types of public speakers in the world: (1) the nervous and (2) liars. ― Mark Twain Let’s face it. We all feel nervous on stage. The most experienced speakers still get nervous. Realistically speaking, you and I may never get over our public speaking anxiety. We can learn to cope, prosper, and rocket to speaking success despite the stampede of buffaloes in our stomachs and our knocking knees. Accept the nervousness as a natural part of caring about your audience. My suggestion to help you deal Continue Reading →