The Importance of Good Presentation Skills

The saying that “you cannot NOT communicate” is extremely true. We are communicating at every instant in time whether we are aware and cognizant of it or not. We are presenting ourselves to people at every occasion, every moment and every circumstance. People around us judge us at every possible junctures. That is the reason we need to communicate to people in a better way.

In today’s context, there is an “education inflation” going around everywhere. Here’s what I mean by “education inflation”.

In the past, around 1940s, my parents’ era; it was good enough to have a university degree and having it would guarantee a good paying job with good career prospects. In my era, around 1980s, there began an education inflation. A university degree wasn’t good enough anymore. This was partially due to the invention of the internet, which made learning much easier and faster. A Masters degree became necessary. Going by this trend, I would not be surprised that for those born in the 2000s, good jobs will only come to them if they had a Doctorate.

So that is what I meant by an education inflation.

Paper qualifications will only get you through the door for that coveted job interview. It is your oratorical skills during that interview that will get you past the interview to your dream job. Having good public speaking skills is one way to differentiate you from the competition, one unique skill that sets you apart from your peers, that gives you the edge during the interview. Upon gaining that desirable dream job, you will require oratorical skills to negotiate for a good salary package, and to get that elusive promotion, to manage the growing team that reports to you. Every single moment in your working life, debating knowledge which comes from learning public speaking will be an unfair advantage to have as compared to your competition.

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In your private life, public speaking skills will set you apart from your peers as well. You will need the skills to persuade your parents, to converse with your acquaintances, and to woo your potential spouse.

You will need those skills to converse and influence decision makers at different stages of your life. It will prove to be a useful skill to have and to hone. The bottom line is, gaining rhetoric skills is akin to gaining a distinctive skill that will set you apart from your peers and opposition. It will get you noticed, remembered, and will bring you great influence. It will give you an unfair advantage in your community.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of mastering the art of public speaking, it’s about time to acquire more tips on effective presentations. The more tips on good public presentation skills you acquire under your belt, the better your presentation skills will be.

Therefore, you owe it to yourself and the people around you to become a polished and influential speaker. One day, thousands of people will flock together to hear you speak. They will thank you for touching their lives. That day, you will thank yourself for honing your oratorical skills. You will find out how to become a better public speaker.

I look forward to that magnificent day where your life will become ‘complete’ and you will realize your true purpose in this world. May you discover it through your public presentation activities.

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