The Relationship between Speaking Ability and Language Skills

There is a close relationship between our style of speaking and our language skills. Speaking styles are influenced by other activities, such as listening, reading, and writing. These symbiotic relationships must be thoroughly understood because it will impact us positively during our presentations.

We probably have been delivering public speeches since we were children. Therefore, our speaking style would have most likely be influenced by the way we captured what was conveyed by the influential adults in our lives. We may have developed the habit of imitating speaking styles or quotes from our parents too. These listening and mimicry activities related to intonation, pauses, vocabulary and sentence patterns are helpful in determining our style of speech.

In addition to listening, speaking also directly related to our reading activities. What you say will be more content-rich if you have multiple sources or reference readings. The more you read, the broader your knowledge. This will certainly be reflected in the quality of your speech. Your speeches will become more interesting. With the variety of information tucked inside your presentation, you will come across as learned, credible, influential and authoritative. Therefore, read more.

  • Development of Language Skill - Pedagogy of English
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    Development of Language Skill - Pedagogy of English
Your speaking skills have also a very close relationship with your writing activities. Your writing skills will help to develop a good structure for your speech. There, it would be a good idea to write your own speeches and blog frequently. The practice that you acquire during your writing activities will serve you well as a speaker.

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Finally, listening, reading, and writing will positively impact your ability to craft a speech and deliver it with power. May you become a successful orator.

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