Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Networks for Mobile Marketing

According to some research, 91% of cell phone users keep their cell phones with them all day.  That translates to a text message being by 97% of cell phone users within 5 minutes of receiving it.  This means, therefore, that if you advertise or market via mobile ways, you will dramatically increase your potential market.  

Combining the greatest sources of market pool (social media) with the fastest advertisement and marketing media (mobile phones and other telecommunication devices) equals a blast of positive advantages right at the tip of every mobile phone user.  And that’s just like being able to bring your goods to reach the whole wide world in a split of a second with guaranteed results in a short span of time.

Now let us examine the top 5 social media networks that can be perfect partners to any of your traditional marketing ideas:

1. Foursquare

Foursquare pioneered the use of GPS and Wi-Fi positioning to know the locations and check-ins of those using their mobile devices such as smart phones.  With over six billion check-ins and millions more every day, Foursquare estimates over 1.7 million of business that use their Merchant Platform as of May 2014.  We can just imagine the quality of the tools they develop regularly to keep every customer and fans engaged with the businesses and merchants they work with.

2. Facebook

Facebook promises you all the right people and an average of 91% intended audience reach for you to meet your business goals.  Who can question that when Facebook is on three of every four smart phones and more than half of people in the world on Facebook visit the site every day?  What’s even more beautiful with their business platform is that they offer marketing solutions for every purpose, be it increasing online sales or launching a new product. Need I say more?

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3. Twitter

Twitter boasts not only its number of active users but its unique proposition in terms of marketing which is absolutely what makes them a cut from the rest – marketing with precision.  Traffic isn’t traffic at all if a business has not reached its desired demographics.  Twitter promises every business or merchant partner the right people to connect with.  Twitter’s marketing solutions provide ways on how to reach the targeted market and to be able to track or monitor every move you make along the way.  My personal favourite? Those cute hash tags, embedded tweets, mobile apps, and loveable buttons.  

4. Google+

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Google+ just surfaced amidst all these craze in all other social media networks.  But it’s catching up with all other media for mobile marketing.  If other social media networks allow businesses to find the right audience or market for their products and services, Googl+ do it the other way around.  With Google+, be found by customers across Google.  Considering that 97% of consumers search for local businesses, desired products, and much-needed services online, Google+ page connects local and even worldwide businesses or merchants with customers no matter what device they are using. Cool isn’t it?

5. LinkedIn

Ever since LinkedIn was created, I’m pretty sure almost all of us can describe its overall appeal in just one word – professional.  Extending that to the corporate work, LinkedIn marketing solutions aim to build relationships on the world’s largest professional network.  Unlike Twitter that promises customer targeting with precision, LinkedIn helps their business or merchant partners target high quality with accuracy.  Professional as it is, LinkedIn promotes engagement by making sure that every updates, advertisement, and all other content posted reach specific audiences with relevant messages.  Furthermore, unlike all other social media networks, LinkedIn’s range of APIs and plugins are powerful tools to deepen engagement with your audience and share relevant content on and off our network.  It’s like 24/7 marketing!

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It’s funny that these successful social media networks founded their success on every single individual’s boredom.   Oftentimes, we access our mobile phones and immediately login into our social media account to either share our boredom, alleviate our boredom, or to simply entertain ourselves.  Without us knowing it, we are already one of those targeted audience, market, or customers.  Marketing starts here.  With mobile marketing used appropriately, spectacular returns can be achieved at a modest cost.

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