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This workshop on web marketing has been tailor made to cater for realtors. Nevertheless, based on our vast experience in internet marketing, the workshop can be easily customised to suit other industries. Digital marketing has been a forerunner in the Advertising and Promotion activities for realtors since 2011. However, the mystery of digital marketing has always been shrouded by secrecy, unreasonable expectations & misinformation.

The Loss of Competitiveness

Most websites belonging to realtors have lost their competitiveness to property websites owned by non real estate companies (public property websites). As such, negotiators are unwilling to advertise on their own company’s websites even though the cost of advertising is absolutely free.

The Rising Cost of Advertising

Therefore, public property websites have capitalized on the ignorance of realtors & created artificial competition among realtors. This artificial competition has caused the public property websites to make huge sums of advertising revenue at the expense of the real estate agent.

Hard Selling vs Educating The Customer

Many realtors focus on hard / aggressive selling and not educating the potential customer on various aspects of property investment. This is evident by the lack of high quality articles on various property development on their websites.

The Lack of Web Marketing Knowledge

For many real estate agents, internet marketing remains an ‘expensive’ mystery and for that, they miss out on the opportunity to maintain their foothold on the World Wide Web. It is expensive because real estate agencies would normally establish an IT department with personnel who are competent in hardware, software, web design & networking. In some instances, these skills could be detrimental to the “SEO” of a website. To make matters worse, some believe that internet marketing can be learnt for free by reading articles on the World Wide Web. Sadly to say, this is untrue. This is because most internet marketing articles are mostly recycled facts from American websites strung together in original sentences. The American formula may not necessarily work in Malaysia for various reasons.

A Tool for Managers to Support Their Team

Managers who attend this workshop will learn how to create a website which supports all their negotiators in a fair manner using Facebook, Youtube, Google Search, WhatsApp & RSS Feeds.

What This Workshop Is All About

Today, we re-visit the opportunities and the potential it has for real estate agents. This workshop provides useful tools to your business. To be effective, you need to learn and understand the usage of these tools. There are many simple tips and tricks you can learn to achieve better productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in your business.

Who Must Attend?

Real Estate Agents

Course Duration

1 – 3 days depending on the type of website you have / plan to have*



Training Methodology

Video presentation
PowerPoint presentation
Hands-on practical using your own laptop

What You Will Learn*

Creating a Facebook App
Registering a domain name
Search Engine Optimisation
Easy content curation techniques
Advertising trends on the internet
How to get to the front page of Google
The importance of Facebook marketing
Myths & half truths of Web marketing
Setting up WordPress & installing plugins
The importance of doing keyword research
Domain name submission to search engines
Real Estate Marketing vs Internet Marketing
Financial investment in maintaining a website
Consolidating your ads from other websites onto your own website automatically
Using Google Trends, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Adwords, Translate & Bing Keyword Tool
How to support your sales people using Facebook, Google Search, WhatsApp, RSS Feeds & Youtube

* Depending on the type of website you have / plan to have, we will customise the training to suit your needs. This means that you may not learn everything listed above & you may not be required to attend the full workshop.

Minimum Competency Level to Attend this Workshop

Compulsory Competency Level**

Bring along your own laptop
Bring a thumb drive along with you
Ensure that you have a Gmail account
Ensure that you remember all your passwords
Ensure that your laptop battery can last for at least 1 hour
Ensure that you have a Microsoft email such as Hotmail or Outlook
Ensure that you have a credit / debit card that works for online transactions
Ensure that your laptop is wifi enabled (and you know how to connect to a public wifi network)
Ensure that you have your own internet service provider & you are not dependent on any public wifi network

** All of the compulsory criteria above MUST be fulfilled by all participants at least 1 day BEFORE the workshop.

Optional Competency Level

Have a Facebook page / group
Have a Google Adwords account
Have a Bing Webmaster Tools account
Have a Google Webmaster Tools account
Have your website running on WordPress
Have your own domain name & webhosting account

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    • Robert Ram

      Thanks for your query. I do it in-house for any organization that requires it. So if your company requires it (not necessarily for real estate agents only) I can customize it to suit your organizations needs. It’s just that I’ve very familiar with the real estate business having been in the industry since 1996. Do let me know what your needs are. Thanks & have a good day 🙂


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